Variation from Paquita

Shannon Evans

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#8 OK
double pique turns were a bit sloppy coming out of them, but ur a pretty good dancer :)
#7 hmmmm...
you have a lot of potential and really nice stage presence! i have just a few corections... work on letting go of the tension in your shoulders and FIX YOUR ARMS, pull up and use your abs, dont release your lower back and sit into it or stick your stomach out, TURN OUT, pointe your feet and try not to sickle, and step onto a straight leg in pique.
#6 oh..
and what is this choreography? i definitely do not know this version whatsoever.
#5 nice
make sure it's classical ballet, however, not lyrical! there's very exact position you must have.
#4 good...but...
relax your shoulders and your neck looks stiff and is giving you a problem spotting :)

#3 nice..
very smooth.. but i like tosee you doing it on pointe
#2 Very graceful
I really enjoyed this, you have a beautiful presense, you are very smooth and graceful, and you glide across the stage with ease. May I give a bit of constructive feedback? Try to focus a bit on your turn out and feet. I know that it is really hard, but keep practicing and strengthening your feet/ankles. Also another little thing I noticed: when you do the chaine turns into the small developpe, try to leave the head back a bit. Other than that you are fantastic, LOADS of potential here girl!
#1 Nice, your lady
spot your head, point your toes. Need improvement, but very smooth for overall. Thank you.
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