Tapsploitation Conceived, Choreographed and Directed by Michela Marino Lerman Dancers: Carson Murphy, Claudia Rhardjanoto, Maud Arnold, Baakari Wilder, Joseph Wiggan, James Sutherland, Sean Jackson, Chris Scott and Jamaal Kendall Tapsploitation tells the story of a young woman and a young man who search for meaning and personal identity in urban America in the 1970’s. Through tap dance and the music of the era, Tapsploitation pulsates with the energy and turmoil of this perilous and exotic time. Tapsploitation follows the characters on their journey through the streets of the American city, to the jungles of Vietnam, and back to a dawning awareness of the path to self-understanding. Tapsploitation is a tale of struggle and hope, told through tap dance, music, and spoken word. It is powerful, engaging, and inspiring.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Tap
Keywords: Tap, tap dance, tapsploitation, rhythm, hoofers
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