Choreography by: Danielle Marie Fusco I asked myself, “How do I portray expansiveness within limitations?” I believe there is a desire to show the vastness of the Self within perceived limits and through dance we allow for an arrival to a shared truth. My motivation “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you” (Nelson Mandela) I thought about this for a while and realized that in the confines of this earth consciousness, judgment of even the slightest differences between one another often disconnects us from the shared experience of being different. I have experienced hands on these universal feelings. So, I questioned the definition of crazy later to discover that people assume you are crazy when you act yourself, yet you are always labeled as normal when you do what everyone else is doing.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Modern
Keywords: Danielle Fusco AWOL Simul Seorsum
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#34 Terrific Piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#33 Great!
Juat voted! Sergio P.
#32 Amazing
The choeography is outstanding
#31 Mesmerize
This video is absolutely breath taking love it!
#30 I Love Danielle!

Hey Danielle its Dena Ballon! How are you!??!? you and all of your dancers look great! I wish you all the best of luck and when you win...I am definitely coming to the show!!!!!! xoxooxoxoxo
#28 Great Choreography!!!!!!!!!!
Very well structured, you guys are talented and the music is right for the occasion ;) Good Luck everyone. =D
#27 Great Choreography!!!!!!!!!!
Very well structured, you guys are talented and the music is right for the occasion ;) Good Luck everyone. =D
#26 Danielle
Always inspiring..always amazing..this choreography is no less! It touched me! Bravo!
#25 Loreley!
awesome!!! =) so Great! =)

Your passion to dance shows in your every move. BRAVO!!
#23 Wow wow wow
That was amazing! congrats to the dancers and the coreographer, really really nice work!
#22 Danielle Marie Fusco
The Beauty of Dance will never fade out. It is an act truly loved by me. Enjoy every step along the way. Love Mom
#21 awesome job
That was really great

#19 love it!
Absolutely amazing danielle. I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Keep it up, and good luck with everything! - Eddie,
#18 so good!
WOW!!!!!! ive never seen anything like it! really cool!
#17 awesome!
GOOD LUCK!!! Its soooooo different! Very artistic! Love it and i hope you get the opportunity to expand this idea
#16 good luck!
it was absolutely amazing! very different. i was refreshed to see it was nothing like "those" types of dances
#15 I really hope you win this!
Hey you have worked so hard. i look forward to seeing a full length production on this!

#14 You Rock!
This is beautiful, Danielle! Good work! :)
#13 Great Job Dani!!!!
Go for your dream; no backward glance!!!!!
#12 What a shavefest!
Danie this is amazing!!! You are so talented!!! It looks great!! LYLAS
#11 To my wonderful niece GREAT JOB!!
AWSOME is not good enough to rate this performanec its alot MORE!!!
#10 Danielle!!
Great Work!

#9 loved it
I loved this piece so much I had tears running down my face during the embodies what I believe about the importance of making art!!!
RAVEN! This is beautiful work! NICE!
#7 You're awesome
voted from paris :)
#6 Laurence
Great, you are great ! Voted
#5 Thank you all so much
Thank you all so much for the kind comments. It means so much that you all support me! I will keep you posted on my success

#4 Video
Danielle you are truly a beautiful and talented woman. Hope you win!
#3 Jen
Dan. Awesome!!!
#2 Fusco
I love it ur so talented !!
#1 Dani
You r amazing ;) voted
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