"A Haunting Waltz"

As guest choreographer for the University of Tampa's 2011 Spring Dance Concert, I created this piece to dramatize the tradition of a ghost that haunts the university's theater and the tradition of the "ghost light" left on for "passed" performers. Best wishes, Bill Philin Ploplis

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#5 Thanks.
Thanks for the remarks, nycbbaby. I love the Balanchine aesthetic. I'm just kind of bummed that I didn't get more comment, but, then, I didn't tell anybody that I'd be uploading this. I just wanted some objective opinions. Thanks again, and best of luck in the dance world.
#4 Better viewing
This piece looks better on youtube.com ("a haunting waltz"). Flowplayer s*&%s! Even the close-up version with the girl whose costume seems to be falling off--2/19/evening.
#3 More...
I also like how the characters are not just one-dimensional and the piece has a beginning, middle (climax), and conclusion. Some of the other pieces to songs just seem to go on and on and you just wonder when the piece will be over--even if it is only 4 minutes! I think Mr. B. would like this "Haunting Waltz"--even the ghosts are feminine and interesting.
#2 Imaginative & refreshing!
It's so wonderful to see a little story ballet and not yet another "dance number." I loved the fresh use of this, music and your dancers must have appreciated having specific characters to portray. It even had a little humor. So many pieces are so angst-driven and hard on women.
#1 Credit due.
Kudos to my dear dancers--Sarah Friswell, Patrick Justin, Trinity Morgan, Brianna Vaughan, Ashleigh Schroering, Liz Frattallone, Amy Kerr, Cathy Bowlby, Dominique Dawson, Amanda Sieradzki; we had only 14 rehearsal hours to pull this together. None is a dance major. Much thanks to UT's Dr. Bradford Blackburn for the filming and Chairperson Susan Taylor Lennon. (LOL. I made that chandelier for $50 and "ghost"-styled the dresses.)We hope you enjoy!--BPP
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