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#10 ok
turn out more pointe ur feet smile and work on posture stand up straight and have presence ok though
#9 a good dancer
I think you should lift up your body a bit more and fix your posture. The last two dances have really nice music, try to feel the music a little bit more and dont look down enjoy every move you do. You have great potential keep up the good work.
#8 Fouettes
Don't lean back when doing your fouettes. Also, really work on straightening your legs and pointing your feet when you transition from one step to the next. Smile, Smile, Smile!!! :)
#7 Turn out
You need to hold your turnout in everything you do. And on your fouettes you drop your knee under. But there is definately potential.
#6 Keep it up
There are some things to improve, as others have pointed out (with some spelling mistakes I might add) but I think it is nice. Keep up the good work

#5 Keep your knees starghit
and pointe those feet....beautifuil overall dancing is clean and quick, do not look at feet and smile.. also try to go on relve a bit more i am speaking about the frist act
#4 Well...
Don't bend your knees before a pekay. You should just push off to get on top of your pointe shoe.
#3 look at the audience
Don't look at your own body,especially your feet. Relaxe and enjoy your dance.
#2 smiling
takes less effort than frowning.
#1 Variations
Try and turn out ur feet more. Ur leg is too low in ur retire positions and on ur fouettes.Pull up so u can sustain at the end of ur jumps instead of falling before u finish the turn. Pointe ur feet and work on them using a theraband to strengthen them.In ur attitude derriere ur leg is not crossed behind you. Try jumping higher in ur temp leves. Work on ur supporting leg and u have an arched back in many situations. Ur arms r too tense and ur shoulders r up. PLace ur arms more accurately.
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