Look at Me

Look at Me was created to raise awareness and begin the healing of one today's leading social issues, eating disorders. These young dancers come together from all over the US and Canada to make up the performance branch of Muse Dance Co. They teamed up with the incredibly talented spoken word artist Azure Antoinette and choreographer Jessica Starr to create this pivotal performance. We dance with intention and hope to effect each and every person who views our piece.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 676
3,277 points


#202 amazing!
this is so beautiful!!!
#201 powerful
Such a strong and moving piece of art. Extremely powerful message and group of dancers.
#200 YAY
this dance is beautiful LOVE YOU JESSS. no one has a right to disrespect fellow dancers especially when a piece is so inspirational and is more than just technique. its art theres no music because the poem is so unique and special.. it is its own music :)
#199 True art...
.. Can ruffle someones feathers enough to make two accounts to write negative comments on this wall!! It's totally ok-- this dance speaks for itself because clearly the point has nothing to do with the "perfection". I mean have ya SEEN black swan!!
#198 Poetry in motion!
I never tire of watching this piece. Every time I watch, I discover another dimension to the raw emotion of this dance.

#197 Yay
Love these girls
#196 its alright
I don't see what the big buzz is. This dance is not that good. The dancers are not together and I didn't get any emotional factor. Fyi breathing loudly and talking loud is not dancing. Just saying
#194 Gre
#193 Look at Me!
This was not only beautiful,in spoken word and the amazing dance interpretation, it was also so meaningful for the dance community and young girls in general. I loved it! The choreography was powerful and the message was poignant and important. Every dancer, choreographer and parent should see it. Thank you, Jessica. Christine Hiner Kasten

#192 Epic
Dancing is amazing, Jessica is so talented!
#191 Inspirational
This is absolutely beautiful! I have never seen anything more beautiful than this piece. It is very inspiring! We need more pieces from Muse Dance Company! Well done Jessica Starr!
#190 Breath. . . .taking
This is truly life changing. Please keep up the amazing work!
#189 Exquisite.
The choreography, the dancers, the message, the speaker, the delivery... all gave me chills. Amazing, as always, Jess. Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this with me... nothing will ever move me the way dance does... EVER!
#188 I've seen better
Where was the music? That might have helped since some of your dancers were off throughout. Did not enjoy this one.

#187 Fantastic!!
Knowing the person who created this piece makes me feel privileged! I cannot wait to see what she creates next!!! God has blessed you with a true gift and the fact that you share this gift with so many makes it even a better gift! Thank you for this piece and all those yet to be shown to the world!
#186 WOW!!
This dance is truly amazing- from the choreography to the dancers, the message is delivered! Even watching it from the computer screen it gives me chills every time. So grateful to be able to say that I know these people! This is what dance truly is... art in motion with a purpose and a message! It's just so intense and you can feel the passion that each dancer has coupled with that of the Jessica and Azure! Love you all! :D
#185 So Proud of You Jess
Beautiful, Strong, and Moving! So Proud of You Jess!
#184 Wonderful
This is very moving!! Great work!
#183 Wow!
This is amazing!

#182 Absolutely Stunning, Amazing, and Breath
This piece literally brought tears to my eyes (i'm a sucker for the arts). It's truly amazing and inspirational. So beautiful.
#181 Sick!
Awesome piece, so glad i could watch and vote!
#180 Inspiring Art!
Beautiful, breathtaking piece. Gave me chills.
#179 Gorgeous
Love it!! absolutley breathtaking!
#178 Bravo!
I love it! Great dancing, motivating, and inspiring! Thanks for creating such a great video! Good luck team and Jessica!

#177 Greatness
What an inspirational piece! I really enjoyed it!
#176 HEARTFELT in Colorado
Dancing from the heart!!
We love J.Starr & all of her amazing dancers. Colorado :-)
#173 AIM loves you~
LOVE LOVE LOVE these dancers!! AIMcolospgs

#172 shocked
this is beautiful
Great piece!
#170 Beautiful
really enjoyed watching this piece xx
#169 Very touching
<3 <3 this amazing number.
#168 Inspired...
Beautiful work.. Beautifully Danced! You have indeed created something which will touch and inspire every viewer. Brilliant! I am inspired.... Thank you. Jessica Metcalfe X

#167 Awesome.
I know I've heard this before and have seen a dance for it but what you guys have is just perfect. I could feel everything behind the movement and it is very powerful. Enjoyed this so much! :D
#166 WOW
LOVE THIS! great work guys.
#165 sick!
powerful. really felt the intention behind the movement. can't teach that.
#164 Unbelievable
So, so moving
#163 Beautiful
Beautiful dance with a message. Nicely done.

#162 stunning
This peice is simply gorgeous...
#161 LOVE THIS!!
Such a great piece!!!
#160 Breathtaking...
This dance has indescribable beauty and power.
#159 Wow
This peice is so powerful... amazing choreography.
#158 Picture awesome... then add $200 to it.
I know this goes against everything this dance stands for... But as soon as i'm done writing this I am going to get into my car, drive to Walmart, buy a gun and shoot myself in the face, because I know that I will NEVER see anything this amazing in my lifetime ever again.

#157 Hermoso
Beautifull choreography, amazing..!!
#156 Gorgeous
This is amazing... finally somebody who understands what goes through a dancer's mind everyday. I love the message that this is sending... all dancers need to see this.
#155 WOW!
unreal dancing, such a great piece
#154 Beauty
It was absolutely beautiful. It spoke to me and really came close to my heart. Absolutely magnificent piece
#153 LOVE!
So incredible!

#152 Looooveeee
Such an incredible message that so many relate to in dance.
#151 LoveLoveLove
you guys are incredible! brilliantly choreographed and performed. the message is amazing. love you all
#150 Inspiring
So beautiful. So awe inspiring. Speechless.
#149 Amazing
This dance is amazing; I am always awed at your choreography. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
SNAP, SNAP, SNAP for the POETRY. WORK for the Choery and Dancers

#147 WOW
#146 Phenomenal!
Favourite dance!! Gives me the chills! Amazing job and good luck! :)
#145 Love it
Beautiful and very inspiring! =)
#144 Mesmerizing
Very well done!!!
#143 inspiring !
this dance is super different and stands out from the rest. it sends out a good message and encourages everyone to be unique and can make a difference.

#142 Smile
Wish I could dance :( but :) cause you all are awesome!!!
#141 Amazing, inspirational, beautiful!!
This dance is sososo inspiring and powerful, definitely sends out an amazing message<3. Good luck, you guys are amazing!!
#140 WOW
<3 Love this! AMAZING!!!
#139 Amazing!!!
My friend told me to check this out!!! but boy did I get the message.... thank you!!!
#138 Thank You!
This is the best thing I have watched in a very long time - Thank you for sharing with the world!

#137 Beautiful.
what a message!!!
#136 RAW
Such an amazing piece that reaches out to people on so many relatable levels - OUTSTANDING !
#135 Hits home
A dear friend of mine is suffering from anorexia, this piece really touched me!
#134 now THAT'S dancing!
This piece is the definition of dancing! Relaying a message for the world to see in such a strong and raw manner... wow. Congrats to the choreographer and dancers!
#133 WOW!
Truly just inspiring! There is such a strong message that NEEDS to be heard by all!

#132 Werk.
soooooooo amazing. so blessed to know these dancers <3 i love you with allmy heart. this dance is by far moving
#131 WOW
This is really good
#130 I'm speechless
When ever I watch this it leaves me speechless and amazed. One of your best pieces Jessica.
#129 amazing
i love it!
#128 I LOVE IT
Such a beautiful dance and strong words!

#127 Stunning
I get the chills everytime. Gorgeous choreography and gorgeous dancers!
#126 WOW
BEAUTIFUL piece! nice work ms. starr! :D
absolutlely beautiful j-starr (:
#124 :)
literally watched this 3 times in a row!! stunning!
#123 thought provoking
Dance that makes you feel pain

#122 Amazing!
Beautiful and Breathtaking!
#121 Good job!
Keep up the Great work!
#120 Amazing!
Such beatiful dancers and they are blessed to have gotten to work with Jessica Starr! She is amazing and has true talent! Every time I watch this dance, it leaves me speechless. Great Job!
#119 Beautiful!
Great choreography and great dancers! Wish i could put more than a 5 star rating.
#118 Correction from Above!!
I was wrong this is not SMU but Muse!!! Dang my bad!!! but at-least I got it right now!!

#117 SMU Dancing!!!
You all were very good at Brown bag!!!
#116 Delightful
I love the message!!!
#115 amazing
i have goosebumps!! this was a truly amazing piece, and the dancers' passion and commitment to the piece leaped from the screen. congratulations to everyone involved, this was really beautiful and incredible.
#114 beautiful
I love this. So empowering.
#113 so amazing
that piece was amazing

#112 5+
this is amazing!!!
#111 YAY MUSE!!!!!!
#110 Beautiful
What a strong and moving piece. One can sense the fact that these young dancers genuinely care about the subject matter and their craft. Like any good art, it made me, personally, think about a topic I hear referenced maybe daily in a different way. This is art with a purpose; art with ability; and not to mention art with spectacle.
#109 look at me
the purpose of any art form is to stir our emotions...within the framework of this piece, one's emotions will be challenged to look at the raw feelings of many who are struggling with such problems....this is art at its that teaches and confronts...
#108 Very Impressed...
Destined to impact the WORLD....It's truly astonishing--the POWER and TRUTH of movement. I see why there are 12000 views.. ....because this piece is not average, at all!! I almost forgot I was even watching a dance for a contest....seamlessly beautiful. Brava, Jessica. Please, anyone who happens to read this piece and seriously consider voting "Look At Me" in high regards for Viewer's Choice!!

#107 This was GREAT!!!
I really enjoyed this piece of the show..It was put together very well..The most crystal clear part of the show was the way they all danced to the words, and how it all came together in the end. These dancers in my eyes are pioneers and champions; even as they thrill the audience with spectacle and theatricality, they are also making them knowlegable of important issues that effect the world today. This was awesome!!!
This piece is TRULY a work of art.
#105 ON POINT!
This dance was so descriptive! I definetly liked the story it was telling! :)
#104 beautiful!
This is beautiful and it almost made me cry. Wonderful job! Good luck!
#103 .........(That's me being speechless!)
If I could give this piece higher than a 5, I WOULD!!

#102 Beautiful
the movement is flawless
#101 Awesome!
Very Unique! Love the passion! Good luck, and great job :)
#100 breathtaking
so beautiful and inspirational!!! good luck
#99 Beautiful
Such a moving piece! Love you JStarr!
#98 Powerful
strong movements that speak for generations of women, an amazing piece.

#97 Absolutely wonderful!
Very powerful. I really enjoyed watching this, definitely a 5!
this was so good!!! loved watching it
#95 No words can describe this
Breathtaking. Hear-breaking. Beautiful. Alex, you are amazing, as well as Jessica and the reader and all the dancers. Very moving.
That's so so so so so good. Your dancing is amazing, and the piece being read is also really spectacular. I love pieces like this. It is truly poetry in motion.
#93 love.
amazing and passionate. good job guys! :)

#92 Wow. Speechless.
that is the greatest thing anyone has ever done! amazing job! love you alex!
#91 ALEX
luv u ALEXXXXX!!!!!
#90 Breathtaking
This is excellent choreography and is danced beautifully, with an amazing amount of passion.
#89 Beautiful
Absolutely amazing. The choreography in tandem with the poetry makes an incredible piece of artwork--inspiring and touching.
#88 beautiful!!
this dance was absolutely amazing, i actually got chills watching it. beautiful choreography, talented dancers, and just an overall wonderful dance!!

beautiful, creative, talented dancers, the whole package
so great. such an amazing dance
i am in love <3 just amazing
#84 Great!
i love it! this is an amazing dance and has inspired me and many others! this is gorgeous.
i wish i could give it a 500 instead of a five. completely gorgeous.

#82 Amazing
I love it :D You guys will do awesome :D
#81 inspring
This is truely great piece. it has truely inspired me!
#80 Awesome!
Great job!
#79 luv it!!!
there the best!
#78 luv it!!!
there the best!

#77 luv it!!!
there the best!
#76 luv it!!!
there the best!
#75 Astounding.
Never seen a piece like it before..Dancers were incredible as well as the choreography. Words cannot describe this dance.
#74 Wonderful
I love this dance, I watch it over and over again and it's still amazing!!!!
#73 Remarkable
It"s amazing to watch these terrific dancers convey a message to the world through dance.Excellent choregraphing!!

#72 love
this dance is so amazing :) love it guys!!
#71 WOAH!
This had inspired me to become a better dancer! Amazing job!
This is a great performance and excellent choreography! This speaks to all women across the it!
#69 Amazing
This is a beautiful performance. Breath taking!
#68 Amazing
All of the dancers did absolutely amazing! Truly inspiring!

#67 Wow!
This is fantastic!
This is very beautiful, it's amazing!!!
#65 Great!
Beautiful dancing and choreography.
#64 awesome!
great job!!
#63 Amazing
Great job Jessica Starr!!! Love it!!

Everytime I see this number it moves me!!! Such a necessary message!! The dancing and choregraphy are award winning!! Keep up the great work!! Madda
#61 Speeeeeechlesssss
Consider yourself EXCELLENT!!
#60 yeee!!
amazingggg good luck to yall!
#59 WOW
#58 WOW

#57 love this!
jessica starr never fails to amaze me!
#56 Great!
good job!
#55 Wonderful
Such a beautiful interpretation.
#54 Gorgeous!!
It's beautiful and so intense. Great job!
Great spoken word!!! Great, active composition! loved it

#52 Look at Me
absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably, beautifully amazing.. wow .. jess you never cease to amaze me
#51 WOW
Beautiful dancing and awesome message.
#50 beautiful!
I love it!
#49 Inspirational
This dance is absolutley amazing!! Beautiful dancers and choreography, inspiration to everyone♥ LOVE
#48 Love this piece.
I'm in such awe of this piece. This is what dance is all about! LOVE IT!!

#47 <3
Jessica Starr has done it again! LoveLoveLove! Had such crazy goosebumps when I watched this.
#46 Inspiring!
Thank you for making us think--about what we say, what we feel and how we treat ourselves and others. Inspiring!
#45 perfection
This piece is absolutely stunning beyond words. It conveys the message so effectively and beautifully...
#44 Inspiring
Jstarr I am so fortunate to know you and to be a part of this experience was more than memorable... You are such an amazing person and choreographer..Love you so much! <3
#43 Amazing!!
Absolutely stunning!! Loved every moment of watching this... great message and great dancers! Words can't describe how beautiful this piece really is :)

#42 Amazing!
Wow! This was amazing!!!
#41 Breathtaking <3 other word can describe this piece of art. I forget to breathe each time I watch it. Love you J-Starr and all the amazing dancers. XOXOX such an important message you've told us!
#40 Perfection
Brings me to tears every time i watch it. Jessica Starr you are incredible, dancers you are incredible, Azure you are So much beauty and love in one piece.
#39 LOVE IT!!!!!
Amazing choreography and beautiful dancers!!!
#38 Brought tears to my eyes...
Brings tears to my eyes STILL every time I see it. As amazing on video, as it was when I saw it live. Thank you for sharing such an important message to ALL!!!

#37 MUSE
amazing i was so fortunate to be able to see this performance live in arizona! love you beautiful people!
#36 Thanks!
Just watched and I saw more than the first time! Truly amazing what is taking place in this piece! Bravo!!!
#35 This is incredible!
LOVE this video! Most amazing dance piece I've seen in a long time. I will show it to all my friends!
#34 Beautiful!
Truly an amazing piece, definitely a topic many young girls struggle with! SO INSPIRING!
#33 Wonderful piece
What an important message. Wonderful piece.

#32 Stunning
These dancers are so beautiful and the piece is truly breathtaking. Thank you for inspiring so many Jess!
This piece leaves me speechless every SINGLE time! We love you J-Starr, you are INCREDIBLE and your work touches so many everyday!!! We love you!
#30 Amazing Piece!!
J Starr - thank you for being your brilliant self in this piece. Hope it reaches so many people in today's world!
#29 WERK.
Yes yes yes!! Amen
#28 Profound
Thought provoking and amazing! Words can not express the inspiration this creates.

#27 Meaningful!!!!
This is such a meaningful piece and perfectly created!!! Jessica Starr you are truly fabulous and so very talented!!!!!
#26 Awesome
So unique. So interesting! A whole new outlook.
#25 Wonderful
Love you and all your love Jessica
#24 Amazing
This dance is beautiful, good luck!!
#23 Quality stuff!!!!!
Worrth 10 point!!!

#22 LOVE
love it! AMAZING <3
#21 Amazing !
This dance is so good !
#20 YESS.
This choreo is amazing, just as all of Jessica's work is. The dancers and the choreography were both beautiful and inspiring.. LOVE IT <3
#19 Amazing!
LOVE LOVE this dance! What a beautiful message and wonderful dancers. Fantastic Choreography. I could watch it again and again!
#18 Fancy!
I would like to collect these crew for my own.

#17 <3
Jessica inspires people by the HUNDREDS...and I expect that impact to only MULTIPLY in the next few years...nayyy... MONTHS!!! She is one of the most selfless, loving people I've ever met, and that certainly shows throughout her choreographic feats!!! She more than deserves this recognition and opportunity!! THANKS JSTARR; WE LOVE YOU!
#16 Good job!
Absolutely amazing! It doesn't surprise me though. This is a great group of dancers who have the opportunity to work with Jessica.
#15 Of profound consequence
A piece that inspires, informs and moves to action.After being in the dance world for 40 years, it is gratifying to see movement presented as a vehicle for social intention, and promote the true power of dance as an art form.Lovely to see performances of consequence.
This piece truly leaves me speechless every time that I watch it! It brings up an issue that affects many people in our world today and faces it head on. I can honestly say that I am positive this piece will continue to inspire and help many people for a long time to come. I want to commend the incredible Jessica Starr for her amazing choreography and Azure Antoinette for her beautiful poetry. Once again... just stunning.

#12 So so so amazing. :)
I cried. Just saying. This is a gorgeous piece. I want to share it with everyone I know. I'm proud of all of you for doing this. I'm speechless. :)
#11 Inspirational
Love it!! Very deep and inspirational...good luck you guys!
#10 Absolutely Wonderful
Very deep and inspirational...absolutly a beautiful piece of Art! Good luck guys!! :)
#9 Better than the Best
Absolutely love it !! i loved not only the great message but the insane choreography and the dancers are simply beautiful! Good luck guys :)
This dance is simply amazing!!

#7 Inspirational
Awesome piece!! very deep and gives a great message! the movement quality and story was great!!
#6 YAY
#5 LOVE!
#4 awesome
excellent choreographing and very well danced to complement
#3 Amazing.
this dance makes me cry everytime.. you are all beautiful dancers and i love you all very much !

#2 Speechless.
I'm literally speechless. This piece is magnificent. I wish I could give this piece a rating beyond a 5. It's amazing…I could watch it over and over again. Too beautiful for words.
#1 Very beautiful.
Good luck dancers! What a great piece.
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