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I taught myself!! Sorry first year of ballet

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#4 Agreed!
I think you will probably be very good one day but please be careful! It is better to go slow and learn properly than to pick up bad habits. Trust me, i know. ;) But I do think you have come far for it being only your first year.
#3 This is WAY too advanced for a beginner!
You will most likely injure yourself if you continue to do extremely advanced variations like this when you are nowhere near ready! I promise you that if you stick with the easy stuff (beginner beginner pointe exercises) you will hopefully make it to Kitri OR Esmerelda (which you should not have been doing) PLEASE BE CAREFUL
#2 I agree
Please be careful. If you really want to dance, then wait and you will get better in time. Don't do this! I wish you the best.
#1 Be careful with your body!
Dear Aspiring Dancer-Please don't dance on pointe until you have had sufficient time and training.You are likely to permanently injure yourself and to create very dangerous habits that are difficulf, if not impossible, to break.If you really love dancing, have patience and train well.Otherwise, you will never have the freedom and beauty in your dancing that you clearly desire.I wish you the best of luck.Put those pointe shoes away for now.You'll get there one day.
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