One of my friends and i dancing to clocks it need work but heres what we got! Tell us what you think :)

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#8 ouch
you looked like you were just throwing yourselves all over the place! i understand being tired. but dont expect to get completely fab comments from a completely trashed dance. it looked like a waste of your energy and time!
#7 ok then
You need to work more on the technique. Like your arm positions and leg positions. What you should do is go through every part of the dance and make improvements.
#6 well....
ok so i am one of the dancers and i just wanted to say that i agree with most of you but just and fyi we were burned cuz we had been practicing all day. We might repost it when we have a little more energy. thanks
#5 ehh
choreography good.but there was no passion.you need to work in technique
#4 suggestions
I think the choreography is great. However, the technique, really lacks. I think you girls have a lot of potential, but you might want to try some ballet. If you don't like ballet, and want to stick with a lyrical type dance, maybe you could try modern, and make the movements a little less ballet. Also, instead of taking dance classes, you could try yoga, or pilates. I think both of you would really benifit from the stretching. More flexibility would truly help, especially on the leaps.Hope that helps, good luck girls!

#3 ummm
to be completely honest, it looked like you were just flinging your limbs all over the place, you were never together when you are supposed too and um your arms and legs were bent, no expression, hands werent in the right positions and it just looked plain sloppy. im sorry girls
#2 Keep Working on it
It looks like you haven't worked on it for too too long, but I can definately see potential. If it's possible, you might want to try to practice this in a larger space because it will be easier to do the movements more full out. Also, if you don't already taking a ballet class will improve your technique. Through the whole dance think about keeping your legs straight, and toes pointed! Keep working on this though, try to get your timing together. Keep up the good work though!
#1 -tips
it was ok but i think you should learn and perfect the simpler steps before you do something this complacated
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