Director's Cut

An unlikely video that catches fleeting moments in rehearsal. People don't believe me when I let them know that we are having so much fun. So, I made this short film capturing our work towards our 6th Anniversary and performance of "Mixed Messages," May 21-29 at MoAD. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased at http://pushdance.eventbrite.com Mixed Messages at MoAD, May 21-29, 2011 Watch this Video, then go to = http://kck.st/pushdance Push Dance Company: Olutola Afolayan Breton Tyner Bryan Kyle Limin Jetta Martin Travis Santell Rowland Matthew Wickett © Push Dance Company 2011 pushdance.org Music is by Scala & Kolacny Brothers Performing 'Creep' and Push does not own the rights to the music. It is used here for listening purposes only.

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