Blanca Fascio Jar of Hearts

hello! i am 17 year old blanca fascio and this is a piece i choreographed for the christina perri choreography contest that i placed 2nd in. hope you enjoy! :)

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#6 Wonderful
I disagree with dmjn387 and paultr35. Blanca's piece is much better than Melanie Ramos'. Blanca showed a lot of emotion and talent, whereas Melanie's had extensions and a blank face. I could definitely tell that Blanca is very passionate about dancing, and congratulations to her for placing 2nd in the Christina Perri Choreography Contest. She definitely deserved it. This is a beautiful piece that showcases her talent and love for dance. You two have no right to be rude to Blanca. I loved it! <3
#5 hello
hi im blanca fascio the dancer in this video. and i just want to say that im very sorry that you feel this way. i promise i would never ever ask people to vote down other peoples videos!!! yes ive asked friends to help support me but i myself rated those individuals videos 5's so i im really sorry you feel that way but i promise i have no control over it. thank you for your critique though i appreciate it.
#4 Unfair practices
Yes. I also noticed that as your fan club was giving you 5's they were at the same time giving other contestants that were in the lead 1's. this is not right. People should be judged on their merit and not by decreasing their ratings in order for someone else to win.
#3 ehhh.
i'm sorry. i do not find this choreography impressive at all. Also, your jump is very heavy....work on that. I also find it very strange how Melanie Ramos and Patrick Daniel's ratings decreased dramatically the same day you put yours up. They definitely don't deserve those ratings. They have so much more over you. Their talent should be noticed more than yours.

#1 Wow.
This is really good.
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