Taylor Bradley Age: 15 Roswell City Dance Choreography by Travis Wall

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 17
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#19 beautiful
sooo nice just keep your eyeline up and not staring at the floor. such a nice dancer!
#18 excellent job
nice work
#17 Amazing
this was absolutly beautiful :)
#16 oops
oh. ha oh well
#15 I was teasing silly!
you didn't have to tell the cost! but that sounds like a deal to me! again, great job...great technique. you have what it takes...with or without the braces. ... keep at it.

#14 better version
and also, this was early in the year. we just got back from nationals and i have a much better version that i will put up as soon as i get it. the choreography was still kinda fresh when i did this. and i still had braces (haha)
#13 Twall
he came in to set some pieces on our studio, so i didnt have to pay for hotel or flights, but it was $600 for choroegraphy
#12 Nice
And, how much did that cost you? lol Great Job!
#11 :D
absolutly amazing!!! great job :)
#10 Whoaa!
Whoa this is awesome! I remember seeing this at comp1etition twice i think. (i go to DAC) and i was in awe. anyway, your rock! keep it up!

#9 Thanks!
Thanks everybody :)
#8 Awesome
Great job & great choreography.
#7 breathtaking
you are an amazing dancer, you are just amazing:)
#6 Great!
I like to see people dance with passion rather than just trick after trick. Well done!
#5 Jelousy
im jealous cux he got to work with TW and thats frickin cool....i would totally do that......yeahhh was cool

#4 wow
that was realy impressive
#3 NICE.....
vary vary cool ! work it boy !
#2 awesomeness
I lovesss ya!
#1 Absolutely...
Love it!
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