Both Hands

Contemporary piece choreographed by Scarlet Ryals. Dancers: Sarah McCall, Madison Bohon, Catherine Johnson, Ally Wanta, and Billie Alexin.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: both hands scarlet ryals essentials dance company trains
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Overall rating: 4.1
Votes: 48
198 points


#9 Both Hands
Very Creative! Good Job!!!!!
#8 choreography
Beautiful piece.
#7 Well done
Very nice girls! Good luck
#6 Both Hands
Consistently Beautiful!
#5 Both Hands
Awesome. transitions were clean.

#4 Both Hands
That was awesome!!! Once again, Essentials Dance Company is the BOMB!!!
#3 great job
that was awesome!!!
#2 Great Job
Great Job
#1 Both Hands
Great job!
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