Melanie Ramos performing "Weightless" at Onstage. From Stars Dance Studio in Miami, Fl. Choreography by Victor Smalley

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#9 ?
your such a beautiful dancer! but the choreographer isnt showcasing you... yes the choreography is beautiful. it looked amazing on IDA SAKI but you have so much raw movement and beautiful lines that i would have liked to see original work. not youtube,,,,,, im guessing you go to stars. since when can reef drop outs choreograph? but on a positive note... your beautiful. and with the right training you'll be AMAZING
#8 Too Many Extensions
I think this piece could have been a lot better than it was. Most of the movements were extensions, which is just boring. After doing just one developpe or kick, the audience knows you have good extensions. We don't need to see it a million times.
Neat choreography. Loved it! : )
#6 Thank you
Thank you Bombaby for the feedback. I guess the judges at the competition didn't feel that way because they gave me special awards for my performance and called it breathtaking. Also this number has received special awards for choreography. But thank you.
#5 well
your technique was gorgeous some great lines but you literally had no emotion at all. you were completely disconnected. you need to pay more attention to dancing with more than just your limbs.

This is awesome Melanie, keep up the great work superstar dancer and incredible A student!
This is awesome Melanie, keep up the great work superstar dancer and incredible A student!
#2 Amazing!
Beautiful! Stunning!
#1 Bravo!!
I love this! I aspire to have such strong lines like hers!
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