Center Aisle - Meghan Conley

Lyrical solo performed at On-Stage America in 2007. Choreographed by Mia Backlin

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 16
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#4 awesome
i loved the feeling in it. and i dont know if this was part of the choreography but if it isnt your ron de jambe in the beginning wasnt pointed. also keep your legs extended in the air! they never really reached their full extent
#3 :)
ive watched alot of your videos. your really good meghan. :) keep up the good work & best of luck
#2 defiantly worth watching!!!
That was an awesome dance!!! Make sure that when you do any type of turn that you finish it completely and don't cut it off to go into the next step. Also watch your relieve on your turns. I loved the choreography but I didn't really like the choice of costume. This dance was defiantly worth watching!!! Great job!!!
#1 wow
that was beautifull. on the brise that you did, make sure that the leg that is in the air is completely straight and your toe is pointed! otherwise beautifulll! you remind me of courtni galliano on SYTYCD. she is contemporary too! great chorepography
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