Jar of Hearts

Rider Universitiy's Dance Ensembles Fall Showcase 2010. Choreography by Arielle Szczerba

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 41
200 points


#13 great dance!
love it! <3
#12 Absolutely gorgeous
Great job :)
#11 Amazing
The grace these girls show is top notch and their synchronization is on point. You girls should be extremely proud =) PS the one brunette is a adorable... Im assuming she has a boyfriend and he is a lucky guy
#10 Rider Dance Ensemble
What beautiful dancers and yes the choreography is amazing as well. Great Job Girls from Rider Dance Ensemble
#9 Pure Talent
Amazing Choreography! That's my girl!!!!

#8 5 stars
beautiful dance and loved the music
#7 beautiful
I loved the music and the dancers are very graceful, good job!!!
#6 So Beautiful...
So beautiful...
#5 I love this!!!
#4 beautiful
These dancers are beautiful

#3 .
These girls are not only beautiful, they are also great dancers. I especially love blondie.
#2 hot damn, these chicks are baller
i love the blondie ;]
#1 All such BEAUTIFUL Girls !
Especially the blonde one !
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