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My Performance (X-Savior Thomas) at The Chandler Center for the Arts in memory and honor of Akil Williams for the Akil Williams Scholarship Foundation.

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Event: 2011 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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Keywords: performance, x-savior thomas, akil williams, chandler center for the arts
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#8 You are such a good dancer
at first I thought you were good, now I think you are GREAT! Good Luck !
#7 I would give this 6 stars if I could
Damn you're good, I remember you dancing at an event at Chandler High our senior year! Keep on dancing, you're gonna go far dude, Chuck
#6 Hey bro
Its your boy wesley. Showin the best support I can you go for it bro. So sad I wasnt able to be there to play guitar for you. Good luck bro Its all you up there!
#5 So Awesome!
Wooo Hoo! Way to go XSavior! Good Luck !!
#4 Such a Good Person
If anyone deserves this, he does. He is such a great person!

#3 vote for x savior
vote vote vote lets get the word out there!
#2 the best dancer
he danced his heart out for an event that I put on to remember my fiancee Akil Williams. He deserves to win. Vote Vote
#1 Excellent!
Very Nice!!!
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