Bria Jazz Solo

Bria's Jazz Solo

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Overall rating: 2.2
Votes: 4
9 points


#7 omg!
your so good! i dont know u but u are ausum.
#6 = )
your energy, turns, and leaps were great. you looked like you were feeling the dance. but i'm really not sure if you costume is appropriate for your age.
#5 :)
i loved the attitude and exprissions you had!!! you showed lots of energy!!
#4 .
if you are going to be rude then dont leave any comments--shes only 11 yrs old and doesnt need to read such negative comments--
#3 o...k...
um, hate the costume, choreography and song. brittany spears... i mean come awn!!!! sry

#2 ummmmmmmm
not good choreography. i agree with juicy_girl i like your shoes
#1 Needs new choreographer
You have potential but this routine is really boring and easy for your age range. That costume is not flattering. Very pretty girl.
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