Nikiya death variation

My senior year dance performance of La Bayadere as Nikiya. I am performing the death scene variation.

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#8 Much Potential
There are moments when I feel you are completely swept away by the emotions of your character. At other times I can see you saying to yourself, "Oh dear! Here comes that balance. I hope I'm on my leg!" This is normal for now. And as you get more experience, I can see you staying in character and fully centered in your balance. You have great potential. I hope you stick with it and strive for perfection. Perfection isn't possible but the journey towards it creates greatness.
#7 good!
very nice especially at 1:24 and 1:35!!! gorgeous!
#6 Very Nice
You were every gorgeous and graceful! Your acting was also very nice. I enjoyed every minute of it! Well done.
#5 beautiful
Your acting skills and dancing skills are amazing i really believed you catptured the character correctly. watch your neck, but other than that you were complete perfection. bravo.
#4 Lovely
Very nice technique and good expression. The production overall looked very professional. Bravo!

#3 wonderful
I loved how the people in the back and on the side that was stading still not moving at all the person dancing beautiful expressions and movment soft
#2 Beautiful! Except...
It was very nice! I thought you looked very professional and mature for a senior recital. The only thing I saw was when the music got heavy and strong you seemed to lack the passion; like you were holding back the feeling that went with the music. I could see it under the surface, but I felt like you were holding back there. But beautiful overall. Nice job!
#1 The people in the back...
The people standing in back and on the sides holding their chest area look awkward and undancer-like to be standing on stage.... but the girl dancing in the middle does a nice job. Very graceful!
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