Giselle Peasant Pas Variation

Performed by Patricia Zhou from the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C. at the age of 16. Teachers: Mme. Ludmila Morkovina and Mr. Anatoli Kucheruk

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#3 I'm Your Fan
You have grown so much artistically in the last couple of years.Now you have the full package-technique and dramatic power.Your dancing is seemless and effortless.If you could soften the box of your pointe shoes in such a way so that you don't compromise the support but remove the loudness they create on stage I would feel the effortless completely.It's jarring to hear the loud landings because the noise clashes with your gracious moves.You don't want any distractions from your dancing.
#2 Congrats
Congratulations on being a finalist at USA IBC
#1 WOW
Every dance you performed is beautiful. I wish I am as good as you.
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