Behind the Scenes with Meredith Miles

Come behind the scenes at Dance Spirit's July/August cover shoot with Meredith Miles, who's making her Broadway debut in "Come Fly Away".

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#3 Flamingo
You misunderstood what I meant. I meant she doesnt need the boa or props because she has so much talent that is all she needs to concentrate on. It certainly was meant as positive and not a negative comment.
#2 @danat
You have apparently not seen Ms. Miles perform. She was but an extra in "Black Swan," but showcased in Twyla Tharp's two Sinatra shows, on Broadway and at the Wynn in Las Vegas (currently), and although the "baby" of the cast, definitely held her own.
#1 Flamingo
I get the flamingo look and the drive, but you need to concentrate on having talent.
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