Silent Night Student Choreography

Hayden Hopkins 10 years old Student Choreography at Spotlight. We're very proud of her. So...... if you feel the need to leave a negative comment to make yourself feel better, save it. She is talented and has passion for her creativity and she's 10...

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#13 WOW
You r amazing! You rock Im 11 and Im far from that but Im workin VERY hard!!!!!!!!!!!
#12 sharing
okay some people post videos to share so its not stuck up at all to say dont leave negative comments ON A 10 YR OLD!! besides whoever would say something rude prob doesnt even post their own videos & is jealous. i think its awesome they wrote that. shes so good!
#11 comment
hey if you don't want comments do't post it. Hayden your amazing hun keep it up
#10 Great job!
Wow! very beautiful! I'm very jealous :) But I thought the note up top under all the info was kind of stuck up! Yeah she great but can't we share our opinions?
#9 Oh my Gosh!
Wow I am so amazed that someone at the age of 10 could dance so well, and choreograph it too! Amazing! I am also amazed how flexible you are! Wow! Keep dancing and please post more videos you are so fun to watch! :)

#8 Awesome!
That was sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch your shoulders when you turn, espesially on the fuetes. Otherwise absolutley beautiful. Congratulations.
#7 Very Good
Great musicality! Love the choreography especially the ending...very creative. I think this fantastic work ESPECIALLY for the age! Congrats on a job well done. Best wishes for your future. Keep up the good work.
#6 Awesome
You did really good! I loved this dance.
#5 awesome job!
This is really good! Future choreographer for sure!
#4 Work it!
You are amazing! I cannot believe that you are ten years old! Keep dancing strong :-)

#3 WoW
This is a great dance for any age! Amazing for a 10 year old.
#2 :)
No, no relation....
#1 Relation
Are you related to Rachel Hopkins by any chance?
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