Perfect Moment

Hayden Hopkins 10 years old Open solo. Words By the AMAZING Mandy Shulke

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 19
91 points


#17 =)
I LOVE this dance!!! I loved watching it at nationals and I so think she deserved to win the overall high score =) GREAT JOB!!!
#16 That last comment is funny!!!!
My studio competed against her at nationals and she won highscore! not just highscore solos, but the highest score out of all groups and stuff. She was flawless at nationals. Her performance was amazing. She had way more emotion. This is still great. I think some people just don't like the spoken word routine. Oh well. She's great!! Her jazz is crazy good.
#15 well
She is good for her age but she dosn't seem like this is her "Perfect Moment" It almost looks like shes doing a dance to a random poem it dosn't go together but like i said she i a good dancer for her age
#14 TO born2Dance23!!
Why are you on here bashing EVERYONES dances? These are some of the best young dancers around! You are soooo jealous... Get a life. Your comments are a joke!
#13 ummm...
cool idea but not executed right!

#12 =]
i love it!! great job! =]
#11 AMAZING!!!!!
OMG!!! you are AMAZING!!!! your attitude turn into leg extension turn was AWSOME!!!!!!! great job!!!
#10 Stunning
One of my favorites so far. Great use of the stage. Love the ending, it shows your confidence. Bravo!
#9 !!GREAT JOB!!
Great job girl! This could have been really cheesey but you looked like you were dancing from the heart. That's what is important. You have talent for sure. Great use of the left:)
#8 emotions??
not much emotions are exposed throughout her performance....

I think this is such a great performance! Future star for sure! Pretty costume, dance and dancer.
#6 The Best
I love this dance!
#5 !!!
You've worked hard & it shows!! You must truly mean the words you say, because your dance does let us all know that you love what you do. You are already amazing and as long as you keep dancing because you love it - we can all only wait to see what you will accomplish!! Keep it up!!!
#4 love it!
Not your typical "phoney" competition dance. Keep up the hard work. You're really talented!
#3 WoW
Really refreshing dance! Nice emotion and great choreography.

#2 Awesome job!!!
I've seen her compete before shes so good! You should enter her jazz too. This girl is SSSIIICCCKKKK at jazz.
#1 great
good movement - especially for a 10 year old!
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