Behind the Scenes with Dance Spirit's Cover Model Search Finalists!

Go behind-the-scenes with Dance Spirit's Cover Model Search finalists Alexa Anderson, Emily James, and Patricia Zhou. Vote for this year's DS Cover Model now!

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#43 Patricia Zhou
where did she get her leotard for the photoshoot?! the pink and blue one?? I cant find it anywhere!!!
#42 Patricia is STUNNING!!!
I saw her perform last week at a ballet gala. She was PHENOMENAL. Her extensions, feet, elegance, talent, grace, and technique are so quality--especially for age 16!!! Alexa is great at hip-hop and jazz...but Patricia is much more talented. To be that strong, flexible, controlled and technical on pointe is extremely commendable. Not to mention she goes to KIROV!! Enough said. I hope that Patricia is the covergirl! I can't think of anyone more qualified. Go Patty.
#41 Vote for Patricia
Patricia appears to be the most talented and extremely gifted. Every movement of her dance gives you a thrill and makes you wanting to work hard to be as good as she is. I can see her being a huge star in the future and I vote for Patricia.
#40 Patty Cake, Patty-Cake, VOTE FOR PATRICI
Patricia said it herself, she always gives her best. Just because in the video, she stumbles a little, WE ARE HUMANS!! WE MAKE MISTAKES!! Breathtaking beauty, how flexible she is, and how she is about to graduate from the KIROV ACADEMY!!! She smiles, and again, she gives her best!!!! :) GOT TO VOTE FOR HER!!
#39 ALEXA!!!!
Alexa is TRULY WELL-ROUNDED and EXCELS in more than one style! I've seen her at conventions and she blows my mind! Emily seems to struggle with the combo in the jazz class, and is a spaz in hip-hop. She may have been born with pretty feet and hyper-extended legs but that doesn't make you a good or versatile dancer; her core seems to be weak and she lacks control. Besides,Alexa is drop dead gorgeous and looks like she should be on the cover of a magazine! Patricia belongs in POINTE magazine...

#38 Emmie
Amazing talent and control Adds a tremendous versility to dance. Gifted in not just Ballet Go Emily My vote is with you !!
#37 Alexa gets my vote!
She's stunning and clearly the best!
#36 I support Patricia
The three of them are gorgeous. Congratulations!! this is an incredible oportunity
#35 Vote for Patricia
She is drop dead gorgeous!
#34 WOW! Thank you...
I truly appreciate all of your wonderful compliments and support!!! I had so much fun with Patricia, Emily and the Dance Spirit staff, and I feel so blessed to have had this incredible experience! Much Love, Alexa

#33 Emily!
Patricia is obviously amazing but Emily has so much ability in more than 1 kind of dance! She is amazing
#32 Patricia is so great.
So elegant and so energetic and such a sweet smile.
#31 Vote for Patricia
She has the body can talk!!!
#30 Vote for Patricia
Her dance is the most graceful. May the young girl have success at last. Where there is a will there is a way.
#29 Alexa
Good luck Alexa, rocking as alwaysssss mama!

#28 Wow alexa
Any body know if this beaut is single? She might be the most stunning thing I've ever seen. Wow She glows
#27 Alexa is my dance idol!!
She's takin'names!!! Impeccable technique, musicality, style, BEAUTY and FUNK. She's the real deal and she's gonna be a star! She'll always have my vote!! SYTYCD S8 PLEASE?!!
#26 ALEXA!
Emily James is the mot beautiful dancer I have ever seen. She has won tons of competitions and deserves to be rewarded!!!! Yay emily!
#24 Hi Zhou
You are the best

#23 Vote for Patricia!!!!
Patricia is an inspiring young lady. She is not only a talented dancer, but also the most amazing person. Everyone who knows her loves her. She is the BEST!!!!
#22 I vote Patricia Zhou
Clear winner! SHE'S AMAZING!!!
#21 I vote for Patricia!
Absolutely stunning.
#20 Vote for Patricia Zhou
Patricia Zhou is a amazing dancer i have seen. I believe she can use dance to heal our life!
#19 Vote for Patricia
Is this how I vote? Anyways, this is a vote for Patricia Zhou.

#18 Patricia WOW
that was freaking finger licking amazing
I would give anything in the world to spend just 5 seconds watching Patricia dance live on stage. Beautiful and exquisite, she captures the true essence of ballet in every single move. At such a young age, she certainly deserves this award. You go girl!
#16 Vote for Patricia
Patricia is amazing.
#15 vote for Patricia
What an great dancer she is! I love her dance very much.
#14 Vote for Patricia Zhou
Patricia is just close to brilliant. I like her style so much. Bless her forever.

#13 Patricia is the talented dancer.
Patricia is so beautiful and talented. I believe she's gonna go far!
#12 Vote for Patricia Zhou
Look at her, amazing. I love her moving style. I hope she will be the best.
#11 Triple A-Amazing Alexa Anderson!
She's amazing in all aspects of dance, not just one genre!
#10 Vote for Patricia
Patricia, you are the best one!
#9 Vote for Patricia Zhou
She is beautiful and wonderful,and will definitely be the best.

#8 Vote for Patricia
Patricia is my favorite dancer. She is so great!
#7 vote for Patricia
Patricia is the best and the most beautiful dancer
#6 Vote for Patti!!!
Patti is the BEST!
#5 ALEXA!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is freaking amazing. period i love her and her style i wish i could move like that! she works very hard and deserves this. she is the complete well rounded dancer and a hero/role-model. VOTE FOR ALEXA
She is the TOTAL package. The most unique dancer I know. She has beauty, style and technique. She's gonna go far!!!

#3 vote for alexa!!
AAhhh she's one of my favorite all time dancers!! look at her on youtube! She won NUVO and JUMP last year! Who does that?!?! she's can do everything! hip hop, ballet, you name it...and she's so beautiful! and seems like a goofball! Im such an alexa fan!
#2 Patricia gave a breathtaking performance
I was fortunate enough to watch her competing last night at the International Ballet Competition Round I as one of the top 100 ballet dancers worldwide. She was absolutely beautiful and I hope she will advance to the next round. She is such a gorgeous dancer and I can't believe she is only 16!
#1 Patricia gave a breathtaking performance
I was fortunate enough to watch her competing last night at the International Ballet Competition Round I as one of the top 100 ballet dancers worldwide. She was absolutely beautiful and I hope she will advance to the next round. She is such a gorgeous dancer and I can't believe she is only 16!
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