Maria Riccetto as Cupid in ABT's "Don Quixote"

Check out this great video of ABT's Maria Riccetto as Cupid in "Don Quixote".

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#6 Phenomial Musicality
I have seen many respected ballerinas perform this variation from "Don Q" but never have I been so impressed with the technical and musical phrasing as I am watching Maria Ricceto as she gives this performance.Her technique is perfect.Her musicality is inspiring.Her characterization of "Amor" or "Cupid" is delightful.I love how she attacks her soutenou (sp?)a little haphazardly to show the reckless side of love.In my opinion NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.Her Gaynors look great too!
#5 beautiful
She really uses her arms and facial expression to complement her amazing dancing!
#4 !!!!!
Fabulous! She really captures the character!
#3 ahhhhyhh she is so good!!!
I love her she is amazing
#2 Yes, she is amazing
I love her too, wonderful performance

#1 Maria Riccetto
SHE IS AMAZING! Her technique was beautiful, I loved it! She really made me believe that she was cupid!
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