The Carousel

The Carousel is a contemporary piece inspired by my childhood. In the world today people are moving at such a fast pace in their lives and life is literally passing us by. We don't stop to enjoy the moments like when we were children and just live life without a care in the world. It is ironic that something as simple as a ride on a carousel at an amusement park could bring so much joy and happiness. It feels like the clock ticks so quickly that we don't know when to stop, play and just enjoy life to the fullest. Now, it is time that we "slow down" and make time! Choreographed by Kim Barker

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: Choreographer: Kim Barker Dancers: Elite Company Studio: Rugcutterz Danz Artz
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Overall rating: 4.0
Votes: 121
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#9 Smile
This routine just makes me smile. The horses on the Carousel is my favourite part.
#8 wonderful staging
incredible performance
#7 speechless
Love it thats all I have to say about it.
#5 Original!
Wonderful way to tell a story, this routine is beautiful in so many ways! Great choreography, awesome prop and talented dancers.

#4 Awesome!
This dance is awesome! The song is a favorite of mine as well. I especially like the meaning behind this dance. Wish I saw this in person. Great job!
What a wonderful routine. The girls are awesome. Overall wonderful routine...great choreography, pretty costumes, awesome dancing, vibrant prop. What more can l say.
#2 Touching
What a beautiful choreography! So original. Congratulations
#1 Great routine!
Beautiful costume. Beautiful prop. Beautiful dancing. Beautiful choreography. Great job!
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