Most of us know of the Holocaust as the systematic, state-sponsored torture and murder of over six million Jews during World War II. My idea for this piece came to me as I was researching for a university paper a few years ago. I was in the deep shelves of a library when I discovered a book of pictures, songs, and poems written by Holocaust victims in ghettoes and concentration camps. For me, art has always been the only escape from difficult moments in life. For members of the Jewish community during the Holocaust, music, dance, and visual art were the only ways to unite against devastating brutality. They had lost everything-- stripped of normal ways to resist such as weapons and communication, torn from their families and friends and deprived of their identities. Amidst such horror, these people were able to find hope in their hearts and calmness in their minds when they united through the arts. This piece is dedicated to both victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Extensive research of the topic was undertaken by both the choreographer and the dancers. Choreography by Jacqui Willis

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I was speechless at the beauty and resistance conveyed in this piece. The dancers and choreography are seamless.Well done. Beautiful end too-reaching beyond all the misery to a higher place.
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