Amanda Mills Jazz Solo 2008

Music: Kiss by Tom Jones Choreography: Cara Burke

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 5
21 points


#8 Thanks Everyone
Thank you everyone for the comments!
#7 really good!
The dancing was really good, but I would have enjoyed it more without the commentry :P
#6 really?
scdancergal...amanda mills is an awesome dancer. she's got great teachers and she rocks it out everytime she performs, you dont need perfect technique to be a sick dancer. id like to see some ballerina with perfect technique pull off that kind of performance. i dont even know this girl its just people like you who piss me off. all you ballerinas who hate competition dancers. sorry you're jelous and you could never pull a performance like that out of your bun head.
#5 Fun!!
sorry we have to listen to judges tape.
#4 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
she makes me giggle! and he teachers in the background! Train with better teachers and get better in your ballet technique and you will go far with any style! but i enjoyed watching it!

#3 I love it!
Great song, great costume, and most of a ll great dancing! I really enjoyed watching this! It was full of energy too!
#2 Thank You
I would love to hear more comments :] Thank you
#1 great job!!!
I enjoy watching you dance. Keep up the great work.
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