We all know of the Holocaust as the bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of over 6 million Jews by the Nazis. We read about their stories in our textbooks, and we witness their suffering through film and television. About three years ago I was sitting in a lecture on the Holocaust and the professor began to mention the immense production of art and music in both ghettoes and concentration camps. Art has the power to unite people, and to heal deep psychological and emotional wounds. In the face of incredible brutality and the loss of family, friends, and even one's own identity, Holocaust victims found joy in music, dance, and visual art. When their physical strength was taken from them, when they found themselves stripped of weapons, communication, or any other normal form of resistance, they turned to art to maintain calmness and peace in their hearts. This piece is based on the struggle to find that unique kind of freedom and strength that we can only experience when we engage with the arts. Choreography by Jacqui Willis

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: Jacqui Willis Choreography Resistance Contemporary Capezio ACE Award
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#152 Awesome
Loved it!!!
#151 Beauty
in motion.
#150 Impact
This dance makes an impact and thus should be recognized. Best of luck, Jacqui!
#149 hey girl!
omgosh girl i had no idea you had a piece on here! so do i! anyways, yours is SO fabulous and beautiful. i can't wait to see you! good luck, it looks like you've won if they stopped the voting at 11 like they were apparently going to? .. xo
#148 Proud
So proud and happy this story was brought to life. What a journey.

#147 Perfection
love it, good luck!
#146 congrats.
i remember when this number was just an idea. it's been amazing watching you put it together piece by piece. i'm so inspired by both this piece and by you because you made it all happen. and congratulations to the dancers who brought it to life. your vision turned into a masterpieeeceee! i love you xo.
#145 Amazing
This is a piece that will go down in our own history. Inspiring is the best word I can find right now to describe it. Not only does it inspire the dancers who are in the piece itself, but it inspires and will continue to inspire the future generations of dancers. Congrats on your successes so far, and good luck in the future!! Keep on inspiring.
#144 wow.
best one.
#143 wooooo!!
good thing i have my seatbelt on because i would of been blown away ;)

#142 Wonderful
This dance is pure emotion. This controversial issue is tackled so tasteful. It takes a special person to be able to see beauty in sorrow. It is contemporary, unique, and beautifully choreographed. I've been watching this dance all season and I am proud to say I know this person and was lucky enough to dance with her growing up. Its pieces like this that inspire young dancers to dance with a purpose and not just to dance to be "contemporary". Well done Jacqui!!
#141 fantastic
just great
#140 woahh
wow just beautiful
#139 super
super dance, this is unreal
#138 fav
this is my fav

#137 love...
being in this dance, Jacqui.
#136 Good good
Good good dance
#135 great
Great job dancers, Love Your Walking On Air Girls
#134 unreal
BEAUTIFUL girls amazing job jacqui
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DANCE! It gives me chills every time i watch it :)

#132 Lovely
I can watch this dance over and over. Great job to Jacqui and to her dancers!
#131 Touching
This is beautiful choreo executed by excellent dancers.
#130 WOW!
this is probably the best dance I have ever seen ! the choreography was outstanding and the emotion was capturing ! way to go jacqui and dancers :)
#129 Powerful..
Amazing! Very inspirational, love it!!
#128 love this
you girls are beautiful

UNREAL DANCE! I've never seen such grace... such compassion... all packed into such a marvelous dance! These girls are going places!
#126 WOOOWWW!!!!
I CANT GET OVER THE PERFECTION OF THE CHOREOGRAPHY!! just 100% amazing. Very touching. Its the best tribute
#125 GREAT
choreography is SOO beautiful. :)
#124 Loved It!
#123 Loved It!

#122 beautiful
i see my great grandfather in this dance. I showed all my relatives this dance. It meant the world to them. Thank you , Well done.
#121 how you could think of something like th
YOU ARE PROFECTION . i have never seen something better in my whole entire life
#120 im in love
i just love this dance, havent seen anything quite as good.... totally love the vintage outfits
#119 dance
jacqui ur the bomb
#118 love
just loving this dance

#117 Srsly
#116 beautiful
just beautiful
#115 best
best dance in this competition by far
#114 amazing
this dance is amazing, so happy to be a part of it
#113 Amazingg
love love love it! Best dance ever!

#112 It never gets Old
I could watch this many times ( and have) as each viewing brings me alittle closer to the idea that the dancers and choreographer want me to get. An inspiring piece of art will do that; give you a bit more each time you see it. This time it was the struggle against the gates closing them in right at the end and the next viewing it will be something else. Brilliant. Throughly enjoyable and to be commended. Awesome props too.
#111 stunning
stunning choreography, the dancers tell the story really well.
#110 Freedom!!!
A very nice exploration of how it feels to be set free from a cage. Kudos to the dancers, choreographer, and of course the propboy...lol.
#109 Great Stuff
I may just be a prop boy but I know what touches me and this number never fails to get me. GREAT job to everyone.
#108 Amazing!!!
This truly is a beautiful piece. The choreo, the dancing... words cannot express how touching it really is.

#107 Tearing up a bit
As I watch it again and again I cannot help but feel that somewhere some of those for whom this dance was created and who this dance honours are giving it a standing ovation for it truly does capture the undying spirit of the resistance they put forth the only way they could. AMAZINGLY WELL DONE BY ALL!!!!!!!
#106 Resistance
Great work Jac....hey have you cleaned your rom..Love Dad!
#105 Beautiful!
Wow this is really moving! Great job Jacqui!!!
#104 Speechless!
Wow! I am speechless..... This is such an inspiring piece! I never want the piece to end! Well done!
#103 Visually Stunning
Beautiful work, both by the dancers and the choreographer. Breathtaking and inspiring to watch!

#102 Inspiring
Thank you for posting. I have goose bumps.
#101 Moving!
What a moving piece! This is so inspirational! All dances should display messages,like this one!It's so refreshing to see!
#100 dazzlingfeet
I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CHOREOGRAPHY ,this peice was very well done and the dancer show this in their movements and emotion. Great Job, I hope to see many more choreography from Jacqui she is brilliant!
#99 love it
love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt best dance eva
#98 lovely
I really loved this Jacqui - you are a very talented choreographer and storyteller. It is so detailed and the audience can tell you put your heart into this. I'm going to go watch it again!

#97 Stunning
This is nothing short of what this choreographer is capable of doing. She has a passion for movement. What I find so amazing is that you can see the passion with which the dancers dance and that cannot be learned, it can only be passed on through inspiring another. They are inspired to move and to dance this choreography. This piece is nothing short of brilliant! If you make it to NYC I only hope I get a chance to see this piece live! Good Luck, and dance world: Jacqui Willis is here to stay!
#96 dreams
I could only dream of being able to do this!! Congrats. and good luck. I Love NY
#95 Way to go Sis
Great job Jacqui
#94 Proud
Proud, Proud, Proud. You are all amazing. You deserve every opportunity. This piece means so much to you. I am one proud director and mom!!! Love to you all.
#93 breathtaking
Lovely work. Where do these girls train? Love it

#92 Resistance
What an evocative & moving piece of art. Jacqui is to be commended for creating such a hopeful, tender and compelling dance out of a truly difficult topic. The sign of a true artist!
#91 amazinggg
amazing amazing amazing!!!!!!
Do it again Jacqui, do it again. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
#89 history through dance
Who said reading textbooks was the only way to get an education. Well done
#88 history through dance
Who said reading textbooks was the only way to get an education. Well done

#87 All grown up
Welcome home Jacqui
#86 All grown up
Welcome home Jacqui
#85 Never seen anything like this
holy this piece brings tears to my eyes every time I whacht it these dancer are gorgeus and the choreogerpher gets this message about holacaust out so far its so touching!!!
#84 An emotional dance!
I could feel the pain and the determination of the holocaust resisters. Brilliant work, Jacqui.
#83 sweet
narly dance

#82 ah!
First of all: Goosebumps! This piece was relevant, moving, complex and truly beautiful. Jacqui, I'm dying to be in it!! I'm so impressed that you created a number that can speak to such a huge historical event with so much sincerity and from such a unique angle that is obviously important to the art form that you love. The dancers in this number are so lucky to have you creating choreography like this for them to dance. Your work proves that dance goes far beyond a simply aesthetic art. Love!!!
#81 Gorgeous
Your ability to create such a powerful piece and express it though movement, is undeniably amazing and such a fantastic gift to posses. each time you create a more distinctive piece with a powerful meaning. It is gorgeous
#80 goose bumps!
just gives me goose bumps every time i see this dance. Well done!
#79 Amazing
What an fabulous job you did with this Jacqui, you are very talented!
#78 Awesome!
Jacqui this is such a GREAT dance! Full of Energy! It reminds me of dancing again. Keep on striving for your dream, Jacqui~ (PS: I was in your jazz class in QDC :) )

#77 beautiful
jacqui you are so very talented!!!!! i love watching your master pieces come alive on the stage
#76 Very Moving
This dance is so moving... every time I watch it, I get goosebumps.
#75 sick
this is too sicckkkk. love it
#74 Absolutely Incredible
This piece is just perfect. It portrays everything that dance is about. I can't stop watching it. You deserve this opportunity and the world deserves to see your talent. Go get 'em, Jacqui.
#73 Accurately Choregraphed
After having visited a site in Germany where this acutally occured, it was a true reminder of the torture. You've done an amazing job at telling the story.

#72 Amazing!!!!
Brilliant choregraphy!!
#71 Moving
This piece is what dance is all about - you see it, you feel it, you enjoy it and you want to see it again and again.
#70 Wonderful
This was hauntingly beautiful. From the costumes and props to the choreography the entire piece was stunning.
#69 beautiful
I can't stop watching this dance
#68 Ingenious
I can honestly say after watching many of the videos on this site, that this piece is by far the most moving of them all. The beauty of dance is that it reaches out and touches your heart, making you experience emotions you never knew you had. This brilliant piece does just that, as it is evident the dancers are putting their heart and soul into the choreography. This inspiring dance deserves recognition and I hope that it gets that opportunity in NYC.

#67 Inspiring
Brilliant choreography!! You make me want to dance again Jacqui!! Great job!!
#66 Powerful
Such a powerful and heartfelt piece!! So detailed and intricate. Amazing job Jacqui!!
#65 Beautiful
Inventive and creative choreography and very talented dancers!
#64 Contemporary, but not just to be
This is great! Very unique.. although not SO unique or "out-there" that it seems like you are trying to be "out-there." The choreography's contemporary feel originates in something other than just being contemporary to be contemporary. I don't know if I'm communicating my point very clearly!! But this is a lovely dance! Great job to the choreographer!
#63 I wish
i wish i could dance this gracefully! i am only good at hip-hop really and break dancin. i think ill learn me some contemporary now!

#62 wonderful
loved everything about it!
#61 Sweet
Loved it.
#60 outstanding
this is the best by far. i am so impressed, such talent in both the choreography and dancing.
#59 Great!
the musicality of this dance is simply wonderful! Defiantly deserving of some recognition!
#58 exquisite
this dance is beautiful jacqui! i'd expect nothing less from such a talented and passionate choreo and dancer as yourself! good luck!

#57 Worth watching again and again
What a presentation of a very sensitive subject. Can watch it over and over again.
#56 Splendidly Beautiful
I had the privilege of dancing with this talented choreographer when we were knee-high to a grasshopper. I am awed every time I see your work Jacqui and this is no exception. Beautiful musicology and quiet moments of intrigue are what makes this piece wonderful. Intricate work, perfect music choice and committed dancers are what take it to the next level. Congratulations on a charming piece. - Shannon Kelly
#55 Stuck on it
Have been watching these videos for hours now and this one I keep going back to. Can't find one to touch it.
#54 Amazing :)
Jaqui the flow of this dance is amazing, the timing with the music is unreal. The dancers did an incredible job, as did you. :)
#53 Incredible!
This is amazing Jacqui, very unique, I could watch it over and over.

#52 Incredible!
This is amazing Jacqui, very unique, I could watch it over and over.
#51 Amazing!
sooo gorgeous. good luck!
#50 so gorgeous!
Yet again, so impressed by your work. It always amazes me how you can get such a powerful message across. Dancers are gorgeous and I love the speech as the beginning, very original!!! AMAZING!
#49 Amazing !
This dance is amazing ! Jacqui your choreography is fantastic. I love this dance!!
#48 Inspirational
I love the thought that went into this piece. Jacqui, you never cease to amaze with your incredibly evocative choreo! Best of luck!

#47 phenomenal.
incredible ... stunning.
i dream about this dance. you can tell when i'm asleep and i have crazy legs.
you're incredible. i have never seen such beauty in a number before. the props.. impeccable.
#44 RUFF
*with raspy voice* you the bessssst.
#43 Originality
Truly amazing and touching to watch. Absolutely love it!!!

#42 Beauty
beautiful dancers, beautiful choreo!
#41 WOW
beautiful dance, by far the best one! amazing
#40 Oh my gosh--amazing!!
wow, i was blown away. amazing choreography, brilliantly executed. by far my favorite, hands down.
#39 Oh my gosh--amazing!!
Wow, i was blown away. Beautiful choreography, brilliantly executed, my number one choice, hands down!
#38 stunning
i can't stop watching this piece... unbelievable

#37 Stunning
Wow Jacqui, you never cease to amaze. This piece is stunning and the message behind it is great. Kudos!
#36 Speechless!
Words can't describe how this piece makes me feel!It's so captivaing! Great job on the choreography Jacqui! You did a great job expressing the meaning of this piece through the movement and emotions used! love this so much!
#34 Outstanding Performance/Choreography
just outstanding, the choreo suits the topic perfectly. ...and the dancers explode with energy when they walk on stage. it really looks like there the real Holocaust girls who really were in that camp being held for there life everything about this piece makes me cry just outstanding!!!!!!!!
#33 Fantastic!
Such an emotional piece with beautiful choreography and talented dancers. Everytime I watch it, I get goose bumps!

#32 Memorable and impressive!
Choreography was so well developed & effective at telling a story. Meaningful art like this is so important because it expresses the human side of an often simply historic account. With respect to the choreography, there is very little work that I have seen of this calibre. The intricacy of movement, prop use, music choice, level dynamics, stage use & complimentary choreography of different individuals simultaneously was outstanding. Motivating & inspirational. Dancers were great too! Thanks.
#31 Memorable and impressive!
Choreography was so well developed & effective at telling a story. Meaningful art like this is so important because it expresses the human side of an often simply historic account. With respect to the choreography, there is very little work that I have seen of this calibre. The intricacy of movement, prop use, music choice, level dynamics, stage use & complimentary choreography of different individuals simultaneously was outstanding. Motivating & inspirational. Dancers were great too! Thanks.
#30 Memorable and impressive!
Choreography was so well developed & effective at telling a story. Meaningful art like this is so important because it expresses the human side of an often simply historic account. With respect to the choreography, there is very little work that I have seen of this calibre. The intricacy of movement, prop use, music choice, level dynamics, stage use & complimentary choreography of different individuals simultaneously was outstanding. Motivating & inspirational. Dancers were great too! Thanks.
#29 WOW!
Wow! I have never seen a better group of dancers and piece than this one!It means alot to create a piece like this that has such great depth of meaning and message behind it. This really means alot to all those who have died in the Holocaust! The choregraphy is very creativity and thought out! This is how dance is going to change the world! It's pieces like this that inspire the soul to dance! Jacqui, you are an amazing choregraph and your dancers really know how to tell a story through movement
#28 Art in Dance!
I am very impressed with the choreography and the dancers performances! They make the piece come to life! It is an amazing pick! The dancers are so committed to every movement throughout their emotions and body lanagauge. Keep up the hard work! Now this is what I call Art in Dance!:D

#27 poetry!
Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous, elegant, moving! Amazing choreography, beautiful interpretation of music and story. Lovely!!
#26 Breath-Taking Performance!
This piece is so amazing! It gives me the chills, every time I watch it! It expresses such a powerful message that it clearly makes the audience feel the emotions and reality of the Holocaust. This is what dance is.... This is what dance should be about... about telling a story or reliving past experiences. … It’s about dancing for a purpose! I absolutely love this piece! Very well choreographed! Jacqui, you are an inspiration to everyone!
#25 Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who has commented and voted so far. I just feel lucky to have had the opportunity to show my work to new people within the world of dance. I am so lucky to have such wonderful support and I appreciate your kind words more than you know--- xoxo-j.
#24 Moving
Amazing, breathtaking, inspiring. There are not enough words to describe how I feel watching this dance. Fantastic job of keeping the viewers engaged the entire time. You are an amazing choreographer and will undoubtedly go onto great things.
#23 Amazing!
This is truly amazing Jacqui! I watch it every chance I get and it never gets old. Fabulous.

#22 Provocative and engaging
This is a stunning piece of work. The choreography evokes such great emotion and totally engages the audience in thoughts and feeling. Beautiful.
#21 Powerful
Gives me chills everytime I watch it
#20 Pictures and Moments
The song has this urgent, hurried tempo and the choreography matches, but amid the fast paced movement are so many brilliant pictures and moments. I love 2:11 and 3:10. The pace is constant and keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.. but there are so many stunning, seemingly slow parts, like at 3:13-3:15 and 1:44-1:47.. moments that, although they last only seconds in real time seem like an eternity and so clearly express what this entire dance is about.
#19 Super!
I really enjoyed the dance. There's lots of emotion and playfulness. You can tell that the dancers are inspired by their ability to dance. Great job Jacqui!
absolutely brilliant Jacqui....not that I would expect anything less!

#17 Excellent
This is a very insipiring piece of work. Not only is the choreography very thoughtout, but you can tell the dancers are moving from their hearts. Excellent work!
#16 Beautiful!
Beautiful choreography! Great job girls :)
#15 Love this piece!
can't stop watching it!
#14 the best
amazing dance, amazing concept love u Jacqui
#13 Incredible!
Amazing choreography that feels so intimate, and so full of life. It is because of work like this, so beautiful and honest, that I dance.

#12 powerfully beautiful
the story clear because of the way the dancer dance it,live it and speak it. I love it :)
#11 Fabulous
Love it from beginning to end. The choreo and dancers are very committed to the message.
#9 Innovative
Very well choreographed, good use of music and stage. I really liked jacqui's method of storytelling, it was beautiful!
#8 Inspiring!!
This dance was beautifully choreographed! I loved the way that the dancers moved to even the most subtle notes in the music. Truly inspiring! I want to watch it over and over!

#7 one of a kind
Such an inspiring piece. It gave me chills multiple times. It's great to see a piece that has true meaning and historical value. Dance needs to be like all other art forms that make a mark on history. This piece is one that should be remembered for generations. Amazing job.
#6 Amazing
Gave me chills down my body
#5 chilling.
this is gorgeous. so well thought out. i want to dance like this!
#4 Lovely
This piece is so many things at once and yet they all work together beautifully. Asymmetrical yet balanced, powerful yet delicate. Wish I could see it live! Lovely job Jacqui (as always).
#3 brilliant
absolutely brilliant choreography, the group section at the end was sweet as. Heaps proud of this piece! Fantastic work jacqui!

#2 Beautiful ...
Such intricacy! I love this ...
#1 Amazing!!
Brilliant choreography with a beautiful and meaningful message. Love it!!
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