Love Lockdown - Robert Brower

Love Lockdown performed by Robert Brower, Fancy Feet Dance Studio. Choreographed by Justin Mann.

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#5 love this!!!
this is my favorite solo out of all of his! he's an amazing tapper but this solo just blows me away! he captures the true feeling of the song and I feel like he's telling a story! this is great robert(:
#4 Dance Style
Obviously this is his first non tap solo he entered it in the novelty category at competitoin So give him a break he is trying at that whats important
#3 Dance Style Response
I think the style of the dance would be contemporary. I think the original poster must know the dancer in the video, and since he has two tap solos on here, I'm guessing that is his primary style. Just a guess. :)
#2 dance style
Luke since its not tap what style of dance is this.
Luke wants to know where your tap shoes are! This is great!
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