Accepting the Unwanted Truth

Wanting something you know shouldn't be is a common struggle that I believe, everyone can relate to in some way. This piece is about the desire to hold on to a relationship that is not healthy and is lacking what love should intel. The hardest part is being at the point of realization...shock has worn off, the sad, angry, hopeful stages have come and gone. It's realizing that person is not and will never be for you. Everything is much more clear and you look back at what seemed to be "perfect" and realize it was not at all; you gave and gave and gave and only to face the reality...that person is empty. After all of the back and forth and hopeful wishing, the truth does show itself. The truth has been there the whole time. You only see it however, when you accept to accept it, let go and move on.

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#14 Incredible piece, Joy!!
This is just beautiful. Very moving. I'm impressed with your work, as usual! Bravo, Joy!
#13 Absolutely Beautiful
Beautiful Joy!
#12 Good luck Joy
Great job!!
#11 JDS
the name Joy always bring joy to me when I watch her dance
#10 YESS
THIS IS AWESOME. Joy wins..:)

Way to go Joy! Keep up the great work!
#8 Ahh-mazing!!!
Joy, absolutely love it. Your work is incredible...!!
#7 Joy is awesome!
Totally a 5! Well, actually, a 10. Hugs
#6 Excellent
I'm now obsessed with this song .
#5 WOW!
This is brilliant! I love it!! :). keep up the great work! :).

#4 Truth Inspired in Dance
Joy & dancers, Amazing Job!!!!!So much emotion in both the song & choreography.
#3 Another great piece!
Joy has done it yet again. Fantastic choreographer, great person, and she deserves this!
#2 How true
Joy, this piece is great. Loved it!!
#1 Joy is brilliant.
Joy is brilliant. end of story. love her to pieces!
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