Gravity by Corey Campbell

Hi Everyone! This is a piece of choreography by me, Corey Campbell. If you like what you see please vote for me and help me become a finalist for the Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition. THANK YOU!!!

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#13 Corey
Xtremely gifted Choreographer!
#12 Incredible!
Wonderful as usual
#11 Beautiful!!
Corey has choreographed for my daughter for several years and we love him and his work! You rock, Corey!!!
That was absolutely amazing! Good job Corey.
#9 Amazing
I have always loved your choreography!! Danswest is certainly going to miss you!! I am sure the future is BRIGHT for you!

#8 wonderful!
very impressed! wow, corey - what a wonderful job. you are good at what you do and it shows. you rock!
#7 Whoa
This is BEAUTIFUL Corey!
#6 GO COREY!! This is amazing!!
I love your choreography, even more than I liked Fever last year! Thanks corey!! Hope to have you back at the studio soon!
#5 Loved it!!!
I was absolutely blown away by this piece! Can't wait to see more form Corey!
#4 Thoughtful !!!
This piece is so thoughtful with great highs and lows. Obvious talent!!!

#3 Corey
Corey is an awesome dancer as well as choreographer. I am glad we got the chance to see him dance during our recitals, and am happy to see how well he is doing!
#2 Amazing
I love all of the intricacies and pictures in this piece. Very well thought out and executed. Outstanding choreography.
#1 Awesome Choreography!!!
This number is spectacular - this choreographer is so talented and has such vision!!!
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