Contemporary Piece Choreographed by Willis Johnston and Lauren Perry (Students at Southern Methodist University) This is from the Fall 2007 Student Showcase Music by Imogen Heap

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Overall rating: 4.5
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#13 insane!
That piece was insane! The choreography was fantastic and you had the right amount of intensity. The quality of the dancing blew me away!
#12 Oh my goodness...
This piece is incredible. The intensity, the cleverness of the choroeography, the lines and emotions of both's all just incredible.
#11 Breathtaking
You two are the kind of dancers that inspire the rest of us dancers
#10 WOAH!
THAT WAS S-I-C! I love the story and the lines!!! You are both beautiful dancers!
#9 hey there! :D
my sister goes to SMU! (she's a voice major) :] i've been in that building! YAY! :)

#8 and...
i can see why it's an editor's pick! congrats!
#7 nice
There is a moment in this piece that is so beautiful... right when she reaches up to let him help her off the ground and then doesn't take his hands. AMAZING.
ridic.. thats all i can say
#5 very good!
this piece was awesome very beautiful partnership/ B-E-A-Utiful!! lol. keep dancing
#4 retardedddd
wow...soooo good. this piece is absoulutley beautiful. you both are very talented dancers and the choreo is really good as well. so entertaining. although i would have loved to see more "chill" moments...were everything isnt go go go...just a moment of breath. but other than that very good job:)

#3 Beatiful!
Great piece of choreography, I love the music choice! A very entertaining dance to watch.
#2 Very Enjoyable
The choreography was excellent. Just enough breaking away and coming back together. Beautifully danced!
#1 Nice!
Nice work!
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