I love dancing so much and I want to share my gift with the world. I hope everybody can see what a passion I have for dancing!

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#18 Thanks:)
It is dances like these that inspire me to keep on dancing. Sometimes I think that dance is something I do for fun, but when i see the passion put into every move I remember that I dance to express the way i feel about eveything. I absolutly love it. Thanks for the little push:)
#17 wow
amazing!great leaps & turns!
#16 age
I am 15 now, but I was 14 here. Thanks for the nice comments!
#15 awesome
wow how old are you
#14 beeeutiful!!
oh my gosh, i can certainly tell that you have a passion for dance!!! loved it... very beautiful!

#13 amazing!
this was beautiful alex! your legs are so pretty. i wish i had your extention and control
#12 wow
your control and extensions are great. and you can really tell that you care about dance!
#11 Lovely girl!
You are amazing. So fun to watch. Good luck!
#10 wow !
so let me just say that i think you are absolutely amazing and beautiful !!! you are everything that i am striving to be !! i hope you go very far !!
#9 Beautiful dancer
So pretty to watch! Very well trained! Good Luck:)

#8 Best video on the web!
This is the best video that I have seen on this web site! Absolutely beautiful! The dancer was great, the choreography was wonderful, just enough floor work. So many contemporary pieces have too much floor work, this piece was perfect!
#7 Platinum Performance!!
A= Amazing Dancer!! L= Lovely dancing!! E = Excellent Emotion and Execution!! X= X-TRA-Ordinary Performance!! We love your dancing!! C & A
You are the best dancer I have ever seen. You are so graceful when you dance and you make it look effortless. I want to be like you and I am trying hard. You are my inspiration!!!!
#5 Incredible!!
wow your leg extentions are outstanding throughout the whole piece!! your passion definately shows and i love your song!! =]
#4 Beautiful
Yes, your passion for dance shows in this great piece! I loved the turn sequence!

#3 wow
absolutely amazing. I have never seen anyone on this site yet with as much talent and passion for dance as you. Keep up the great work!
#2 choreography and dancer are great!
Great fluidity and the choreographer does a grat job and showing off your talents! Great musicality as well! Keep it up!
#1 applause
beautiful! your turns and extention are amazing. i love songs like this that you can gear the emotion in .. it makes it easier to choerograph to. i'm thinking of doing a solo to this. did you see the applause studio girls do this song? they're amazing!
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