A Separate Peace (Better Sound)

A Separate Peace Choreographed by: Joseph A. Crescimanno Music By: Thomas Newman, Any Other Time and a monologue by Kevin Spacey from American Beauty Capezio A.C.E. Award Dancers: Daniel Longo, Amanda Kurey, Amanda Sahr, Alessandra Kivinen, Samantha Johnson, Leah Urtel, Sara Shinder, and Hannah Stark

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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 220
954 points


#55 HI
So what happens if you win? I read the rules you win a show? like on tv?
#54 art
this is art joey, I loved it you r amazing
#53 :)
This is really wonderfull
#52 Jeez
when do you find out if you win i hope you do i love this so much its amazing
#51 wow
concept is very intriguing. i like how though provoking this piece is

#50 great job
that was amazing joey, great job!
#49 Hey
I am so proud of you... I'm glad you never gave up dancing/choreographing because you are really coming into your own
#48 I love
I love this music and the dance. Is that you speaking? if not what is this from. And the rose petals were a really nice asset. I Loved it.
#47 Jackie
This is so beautiful Joey, I am so proud of you. We are all rooting for you babe<3 I hope you at least get picked, That would be wonderful.
#46 awesome
This is beautiful, the artistry and emotion that went into it

#45 Werk
this is great.
#44 hey
this is so pretty
#43 nice
good job joe, i didnt get to see this in the show now im sorry i missed it, i hope u win ill come down and c it bro fer sure.
#42 omg omg
This is so beautiful Joey, I hope they pick you. I really do.
#41 Nice
Nice Work Bro

#40 amazing.
i love it its so good joe
#39 Beautiful!
Amazing work Joseph. Next stop, Broadway!!!
#38 Beautiful!
Great story telling! It actually kept me entertained for the whole piece.
#37 Incredible
This piece is beautiful.You are very talented, Joe, and I am very proud of you. Continue to follow your dream.
#36 h

#35 great
Joe C. great job
#34 awesom
this was really sweet
love the concept!! voted a 5 :-)
#32 this is of the chain
#31 love this
love the story its like a dance movie

#30 phenomenal
i spelled it wrong lol but there u go
#29 Phenomianl
yo, when you told me about this idea i did't think it would work (the box) and you kept pushing for it and now you created a beautiful piece of work that you should be proud of. Reach for the stars don't ever let anything stand in your way. your going places kiddo
#28 freaking sweet
Watching you grow as an artist over the years has been such a huge inspiration to me and so many others. Please don't stop what you do, Do not loose your drive, ever. You are going places and I cannot wait to see where you end up.
this is my brother, amazing job joe, i hope you get picked

#25 Love it!
Great job!! Beautiful!!
#24 Wow!
This was amazing! So captivating! Fabulous job! Couldn't take my eyes off the screen.
#23 Wow!!
This was amazing! So captivating. Fabulous job!
#22 wow
i love you joseph, this is beautiful :)
#21 you guys are amazing
please keep telling your friends, and keep watching of course :) <3 i love you all

#20 love love<3
love love <3
#19 i cant stop
waching this ive told everyone i know to watch it :)
#18 beautiful!
lovee it!
#17 awesome
This is beautiful and breathtaking. Great Job!!
#16 breathtaking
this piece is so beautiful

#15 Work.
Martha and myself are truly impressed by this
#14 dope!
very original and creative. that one dancer, ms. kurey i believe her name is,so beautiful!
#13 pretty
I don't know much about dance but this was pretty
honestly the way you use the box as its own separate world and yet it's still apart of the dance is breath taking. The boy in the box how, he is just picking a rose could mean so many things. honestly this is BEAUTIFUL nice job joe
makes me want to dance, btw love the music.

#10 OMG
This needs to be picked its beautiful
#9 love
This Is Beautiful
#7 genius
This is incredible. I love the story that you went with. The choreography was a great compliment to the dancers,music and mood of the piece. Well dane Cresc.
#6 lovelyyy
beatiful joe :)

#5 phenominal.
loved the choreography and use of the music!
#4 Unique
Love it!
#3 amazing!!
Great job Joey :)
#2 loved it.
very powerful, so great.
#1 Great
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