Still and Small - Sarah Boies

I choreographed this piece for the second annual Dance Canvas fall performance series in 2009 in Atlanta, GA.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: Sarah Boies Dance Canvas Still and Small
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Overall rating: 2.9
Votes: 45
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#19 Peaceful and charming!
Sarah's choreography is beautifully done - it is such a pleasure to watch these graceful dancers all in unison - not an easy feat! I came away with such a peaceful feeling from watching this clip - so easy to get lost in this beautifully done fantasy! Kudos to Sarah!
The movements are mesmerizing
#17 Nice
#16 Beautiful
What a masterpiece for Sarah!
#15 Smooth

#14 Mesmerizing
"Enchanting, flowed across the stage beautifully, very ethereal."
#13 Mesmerizing
"A very ethereal performance. Flowed beautifully acrosss the stage. Enchanting movement, very soothing."
#12 Wonderful
Love it!! I think I've watched it 10 times already!
#11 beautiful, inspiring
Great work... a very bright future ahead for you.
#10 still!
I love it Sarah!!!!!!

#9 still and small
very proud of you , Ms SaraH absolutely precious and sweetly calming...just like you love, Ms Christi
#8 Beautiful!
This works on many levels.
#7 Still love it!
Great job!
#6 Great piece
#5 Impressive!
Nice job, SaraH.

#4 Expressive arms!
Enjoyed this very much!
#3 WOW!
Such a beautiful piece.
#2 Very Beautiful
Such a calming piece!
#1 So Quiet
Beautiful work SaraH!
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