Gulnara (Rehearsal) -- Allison Garcia

Le Corsaire...

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Overall rating: 4.8
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#8 Thanx to all good to knew people that admire the work i do...thank u so much... bunhead3333...thanx for the corrections im gonna work on them....
#7 love it...
allison i love all your videos...really amazing this one...keep working hard...kisses...
#6 .
#5 ;)
u're an amazing dancer...good and clean it!!!!
#4 wooww
you're awesome....

#3 xD
wooowww...really good turns...
#2 clean and crisp
I love how clean and crisp your foot articulation is.I love how precise your lines are. The only place where I'm not completely enchanted by your dancing is when you perform your foutes. Perhaps it was the angle of the camera but your foot appeared relaxed and your knee bent on your extending leg.The variation is fast so it's easy to get sloppy. Make sure your foot is completely pointed. I love your balon, extensions and your turns. You are awesome.
#1 beautiful!!!
wow, allison... you are a really beautiful dancer! i love watching you. your artistry is really really nice. you are a powerhouse! keep up the good work girl!!! you can go so far! while your technique is incredible, your artistry is what makes you enjoyable to watch. thank you for sharing! good luck... keep dancing! i admire you! mk
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