Natalia Makarova Video Retrospective: Part II

Part II of our exclusive excerpts includes rehearsal and performance footage of the Black Swan pas de deux. Narrated by the BBC and Anthony Dowell.

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#2 Two Of The Best At Their Best. Two As On
I'd always said Natasha was the best ever to take ballet--the ultimate Prima Ballerina Absolutta period. Look at her body, form, technique. She seemed to be made for this sport, for this life. And Anthony Dowell here. Something about them... they seem like part of the same force. They have the same energy. He was the crown jewel of the Royal Ballet for good reason. I said there would never be any other dancer to match her. But then I saw this. It was so beautiful, impossible...
#1 Not Perfect but Magnificent!
Natalia Makarova teaches me so much about what is important for striving dancers to focus on.I learn from her that although technique is tantamount to becoming great, it is not the most important aspect of a dancer.Makarova has flaws-she loses her turn out in her pirouttes and her passe is overcrossed.Yet when I see her perform, she moves me to my soul.So I think once we're on stage we should focus more on surrendering to the passion of the moment and trust the technique we have.
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