Jennifer Archibald - Silent Shout

Jennifer Archibald choreographs Silent Shout for Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Jennifer, a native Canadian, is based in New York and teaches contemporary and hip hop in NYC. She is the Artistic Director of Arch Dance Company.

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Overall rating: 3.5
Votes: 78
274 points


#22 Crazy Good
Enough said.
#21 Fresh!
This choreography is AMAZING. Such a fusion of contemporary and hip hop - it's like she created her own movement vocabulary. I have watched all the other videos on here, and this is my overall favorite. I hope she wins!
#20 You remain the BEST!!!
Jennifer, as always, you remain breathtaking!!!! Continue to make us proud!!!! You can't be stopped!!! - Melanie
#19 So Talented
It really takes talent to choreograph such a dynamic piece-you emphasize your dancers strengths and tell a complete story. Your musicality is tremendous, and your vision is a force to be reckoned with. Certainly one to watch...
#18 silent shout
totally rocked the bodies!! Awesome extension and timing. I could feel the moves...a real winner!!

#17 Yay
I wanna do it! lol
#15 Music?
Nice choreo, but I would love to see it with the original music? Im not sure if that is the music to the piece, it sounds etited?
#14 Amazing.....
Jennifer's choreography is amazing!!! I love this piece!!! JA never ceases to amaze me with her choreography....intricate detailed gestures and such precise it!!!!
#13 memorable
This piece was amazing to watch and filled with many complex, intricate, and satisfying moments. Watching this makes me wish I was still dancing...

#12 Fantastic!!!
Of course, with my background, my favorite section was at the end with just the couple dancing together. Fantastic choreography and always surprising. I am always astounded when the dancers get into their clumps/pack and perform "variegated" movements all at the same time. I'm soooooo in awe of Jennifer!!!
#11 Great Piece !!
This is sooo awesome !! My favorite part of the piece is 3:36 to 4:00min. The musicalite is really good :))
#10 Love Love Love
Her movement and choreography is so great to watch. So intricate, dynamic, unique, and precise. AMAZING
#9 She is one to WATCH!
Jennifer is one of the best fusion-choreographers working today. Her hybrid danceworks are EXACTLY what contemporary audiences need to be exposed to right now. Her choreography is dynamic, technically advanced, stylistically riveting and beautifully realized.
#8 Breathtaking & Mesmerizing
Every move draws you in further...beautiful as always. Not only an extraordinary choreographer, best dance teacher ever! ; )

#7 AMAZING!!!!!!!
Jennifer is an exciting choreographer of our time.
#6 AMAZING!!!!!!!
Jennifer is an exciting choreographer of our time!!!
#5 very cool
I never seen, u work with such large groups of dancers. They look very clean as an ensemble!! kudos jen!
#3 Choreography
This Choreography was amazing I've actually took one of Jenn's classes at Bates Festival in 2006 over the summer and I've always been impressed with her work from then on!!! Just AWESOME!!

#2 cool
I'm always impressed after watching her choreography!
#1 dance
I loved this choreography, it was amazing, and of course my boyfriend ryan and his classmates rocked it! good work!
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