for the sparrow

Choreography: Emily Shock Song: "Please Forgive Me"- William Fitzsimmons. 2010 entry for the Capezio A.C.E. Award Dancers: sparrow dance company members: Kelsey Self Lindsay Doescher Miles Yeung Alyssa Bland Lauren Lundeen Kali Matthews Maci Cameron Jade White Shaye Gunter

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Overall rating: 3.6
Votes: 221
792 points


#43 Dope!
This dance was very enjoyable. Costuming and locations were great! The cuts were clean in the editing and flowed nicely. Props to this group! beautiful movement!
#42 huh?
kinda looks like cavemen jumping around. :)
#41 for the sparorw
This was so good i have to watch it over and over agian
#40 For the sparrow
I absolutely loved it. Obviously those people that post rude comments have nothing better to do. Emily is a great coreographer. (:
that was so beautiful and unique..brilliant choreography. i loved it :) great job

#38 For the Sparrow
I am appalled by the fact people are saying that this lacks choreography or anything bad about it without a reason as to why. Dance is an art and choreography is made in the eyes of the artist. It is like saying an abstract piece of art or a simple piece of artwork is not art at all. It is beautiful in its own way for its simplicity in choreography. The video just enhances its beauty. Ignore the scene changes and focus on the true choreography and maybe then you will see.
#37 for the sparrow
very nice
#36 Very Pretty
I found this video to be very beautiful. Nice job.
#35 the best
i can't tell you how much i love this. this video is in a league of its own. it makes me sad that people don't understand the beauty and artistry of it . . . where in the definition of choreography does it say it has to be on a stage or in a studio??? THIS is dancing. Real dancing. Amazing, amazing, amazing as usual! I love it Emily!
#34 For The Sparrow
Love those skirts! The use of each space was very cool as well.

this is different but it works so well its beautiful
#32 great
amazing job keep doing what ur doing
#31 For The Sparrow
LEGITTTTT!!!! couldn't wait to see the finished product but this thing deserves an Oscar or something! If this dance doesn't win then that's just crazy talk! love it :) -B Self
#30 for the sparrow
I'm confused as to why you entered this into a choreography competition? I'm not even sure how this would look on stage since the dancers change place every shot. Other than that, it was beautiful. And you really shouldn't argue on your own makes you look immature. You should be above that.
#29 wow
impecable choreography and emotion. i love the different uses of setting and formation and levels. it was a bit confusing to have the point of view changed so frequently, i felt like that took away a bit. but not enough for me to care a bunch. on top of watching this video i'd love to watch it all the way through in one location. especially the one with the planter box things next to the bank of america.

#28 Incredible
This dance is truly remarkable from its choreography, to its costuming, to its videography. You have created such a beautiful piece. Your dancers emote with such passion and feeling in every piece of choreography that you set on them. It truly moves me! I will always be a fan of your work.
#27 sparrow
i thought the dance and choreography was beautiful but i thought the continual venue changes were distracting and took away from the overall effect. i can appreciate the artistry behind the different shots and the different stages however, for submission for a choreography contest i would have liked to have just maintained one solid shot, but all in all it was breathtaking
#26 <3
this honestly moves me in ways that i cannot even describe. i can't put it into words how beautiful this is. this is the best choreography and dance that i have seen to date.
#25 the rude comments
if you click on all of the people who leave rude comments on this video.... you will find that they leave wonderful, gushing reviews on the video "arrhythmia". i'm going to warn those people that by not letting yourself appreciate the art of others, you are stunting your own growth as an artist. and the world of dance depends on us as dancers allowing ourselves to be inspired by the works around us. shame on you. don't harm others in your quest for success. its pointless. -emily shock.
#24 How?
How is this even able to be considered for the competition? It's a lot of shots pieced together with props being used to support a theme. How is this relevant to a choreography competition when it's really a video showcase...

#23 love this
#22 For the Sparrow
I truely am inspired by isn't just about what you can do on a stage. Dance is about what you can do in the world, what message you have, how you express your love and your passion. Love for dance shouldn't be restricted to a stage. Emily did an amazing job and her company deserves to win this.
#21 for the sparrow
weak sauce
#20 UMMM...
I thought this was a competition about choreography not videography...this needs to be entered into a different competition because it's not right for this one.
#19 The Sparow
Nice job Emily and dancers. The freezing temperatures captured and accentuated the mood and feeling of the song.

#18 For the Sparrow
Wow! That was amazing! I love how the videography & the choreography played out together! Great job!!
#17 For the sparrow
Interesting.....but know your audience and purpose for the competition. An audience should not have to guess what the piece would look like on stage....too much videography, not enough choreography.
#16 For the sparrow
Outstanding. I especially loved the scenes at the red art piece and how the dancers kept disappearing inside it.
#15 For the Sparrow
Wonderful!! Very Original!
#14 For the Sparrow
This tells a's very engaging. amazing.

#13 I want to comment again.
And say I loved this, and I am mad at "AlessandaXD" You know nothing.
#12 Ehhh,
Not that good. It was touching but lacked good coreography. And the outfits were horrible.
#11 For The Sparrow.
This was brilliant.
#10 for the sparrow
beautifully done Emily and dancers. :)
#9 For the Sparrow
Beautiful! Emily... this is stunning. Your movements are so creative and real. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!

#8 For the Sparrow
So glad I got u early to watch this evolve. Love it!
#7 For the Sparrow
wonderful, amazing, inspirational, entertaining, moving, emotional and beautiful choreography and dancers.
#6 for the sparrow
worth every cold minute. thank you emily. thank you company. lovelovelove
just one word: amazing!
#4 for the sparrow
some of the most amazing moments of my life thus far were while we were making this. So blessed and thankful to be able to do what we love so much with those that i love so much. thanks Em for being so amazing. I am truely amazed. so happy with how this turned out.

#3 the sparrow
what a pretty video
#2 For the Sparrow
blessed to be a part of this!
#1 For the Sparorw
Absolutely beautiful!!!!
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