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Hi, I'm Kaitlynn Edgar from Spotlight Dance Works. This is my 2010 solo and I hope you enjoy. Dance is my passion and I aspire to become a professional in the future. Thank you for all of your support! Choreography: Liz Schmidt

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Event: 2011 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 183
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#48 Great dancer
Excellent routine. Thank god she looks like her mother!!
#47 Never ceases to amaze
No doubt you've got my vote Kait!
#46 Great Job
Awesome work Kaitlynn, I wish you bes of luck!
#45 You are amazing!!!!
Great Job Kaitlynn. We are all so proud of you.
#44 Amazing Young Lady!
" Truly,one of the most talented and giving young ladies Kaitlynn, you have always inspired others and now it is your time to shine! Go for it! I Love You ! Ms. Mary!!

#43 Very Talented
Great job!
#42 Deserving and dedicated
Grace, skill, performance and humility.....the first words that come to mind to describe this special young lady.
#41 i love you kaitlynn! (:
Kaitlynn Edgar, everyone knew since the talent shows back in middle school that she was going far.. Never once doubted you Kait. You are an amazing person; I mean singing, dancing, acting, you do it all and manage to do well in school. Inspirational. Good luck with everything darling, loveeyouu(:
#40 Wow!
Not only does she have amazing dance skills but she's such a great person!
Very graceful. You have my vote.

#38 A Winner Regardless!
She is amazing. That's all--never anything less than stellar!
#37 wonderful dancing
If there was a 6 I would give it to Kaitlynn.
#36 Holy shnikes vote for her :)
you are just such an amazing dancer and so inspiring to me as a dancer. Especially because you are from my area. I just love to watch you dance :)
#35 Holy shnikes vote for her :)
you are just such an amazing dancer and so inspiring to me as a dancer. Especially because you are from my area. I just love to watch you dance :)
#34 Passion of Dance~~
Wow! Wow! and more Wow!! She is an incredible dancer~~Beautiful,expressive, and precise. Wonderful choreography for an exquisite dancer! Kudos!!!

#33 Even More Amazing
She amazed me when I saw her as a 12-year-old dancer. She is even more fantastic now. How can that be? A womderful dancer and human being.
#32 Great!
Wonderful Performance, Good Luck Kaitlynn.
#31 mesmerizing!
Kaitlynn lights up the stage with her presence and beautiful technique. When she performs, her passion for dance is clearly evident. She has the rare ability to captivate her audience. Kaitlynn is a wonderful dancer as well as a kind, friendly person. I wish you all the best life has to offer and a successful future in dance. Mary Ann
#30 votee
I love watching her dance shes amazing!
#29 Too good...
Tori Edgar is really good too!

#28 It's an honor to know Kaitlynn
I know Kaitlynn will be very successful in dance. She is truly an inspiration. She's fabulous in every way and her talent will take her wherever she wants to go.
#27 Phenomenal
You are such an inspiration to me, and every day you make me think about how far you can go if you put your heart into it, this solo is amazing and im going to vote on every computer if i have to! --- Mandy :)
#26 Wow!
That was beautiful!
Kaitlyn is such an inspiring person and dancer! She deserves this!
#24 Shining Star
Kaitlynn you are a Bright Shining Star, so Humble, with a Big Heart, just the way GOD plan it.I will always be your fan. Ms Green

#23 Not only the best dancer, but the best s
Kaitlynn is not only an amazing dancer, but a person to look up to. I guarantee that no one has met a girl with such an enormous heart (she cried once at a restaurant because she felt bad for a blowfish in a tank because it didn't have a good life). She has worked so hard and I am so proud to see her have come so far in dance even through a great deal of adversity! Kaitlynn is truly an inspiration - not only in dance but in life. GO KAITLYNN! Love, Tori :)
#22 A Vote from PHD
Any friend of Miss Kate's is a friend of ours. Good luck Kaitlynn!
#21 She Does Deserve This!
Kaitlyn works hard. She is beautiful on and off the stage.
#20 amazing!
kaitlynn is soooo amazing and deserving!!!!!!!
#19 Kaitlynn
We love to watch you dance. You inspire a lot of little dancers!!!!

#18 You make me smile
Watching you brings tears to my eyes. Your love of dance, hard work and determination really shows! Thank you Liz for everthing . Love ya Smeshmo, Your Dad : )
#17 she should win
Shes such an amazing dancer. I love you girl
Thanks Kate Clark for sharing this opportunity for Kaitlyn. DZ
#15 Wowza!
You are absolutely stunning!
#14 AMAZING!!!
Kaitlyn is an amazing dancer and she deserves this!!!

#13 Beautiful
I am so proud of you Me! love you
#12 Amazing
Simply Amazing!
#11 Amazing
You are such a beautiful dancer!!!
#10 Unbelievable
Absolutely amazing!!
You have my vote!!!!!!

Kaitlynn is amazing and such an inspiration!! It is an honor to compete against her!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
#7 True Beauty !
Beautiful.... Such passion and grace, and the humility that keeps you so grounded.
She has so much passion in dance.she puts her heart in her performances on stage, you can tell she will go very far with dance. I vote for her!
#5 vote
You have my vote if I can just figure out how to vote
#4 Devoted and Hard Working
Kaitlynn is the hardest working most devoted dancer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am so proud of her. She is a wonderful role model and a great TEAM player. If anyone deserves this honor, it is her. I love you Kaitlynn.

#3 Just Beautiful
You are such an amazing dancer and an inspiration to all your dancers.
#2 Wow, you did it again!
Everytime I see you dance you just keep amazing me. You deserve to win this contest, keep doing what you love and never give up on your Dreams.
#1 She deserves this!
Not only is she a beautiful dancer & excellent performer, she is also the nicest, classy, outgoing, modest, and friendly person.
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