XF Company of Dance: "Timbaland"

"Timbaland" is a selection from our December show "The Disconnect." The entire show is a play on dichotomy. In this piece I utilized all the skills and timing of my lighting designer, Matt Land, to create a new environment on stage. Oh yeah... and we work the booty. Choreography: Xtina Fitch Dancers: Xtina Fitch, Katie Cook, Jessica Shaw, Jessica Fulbright, and Sara Dickerson

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#8 seriously
I know the work I have posted has made an impact on this website. I am not the most patient person but I have refrained from blowing up your editors' inboxes and I would like to know if my informal invitation has a response somewhere in cyberspace. Thank you, Ladies.
teacher ever !! Oh, to be like this !! You rock Christina !!
#6 amazing
Shake it girl!
#5 loves it!
all you girls rock this video out! cant wait to see black/white in July :)
#4 It's June Bitch!
this number is so hot, you girls were fantastic! thanks for posting all of this bad-*ss stuff so we have something to watch after you move!

#3 You're AMAZING!!!!!!!
Xtina is the most creative choreographer EVER! This piece blows everyone else out! Work it girl, love ya =)
#2 rock da bootay
this dance is AWESOME!!! you guys killed it!
#1 More info
All 5 dancers are between the ages of 25 and 30... We dance because we know it was something we were born to do. If you feel the same way about dance right now... I ask you to never stop dancing... No matter what stands in your way. I have been teaching professionally for 5 years, after professionally assisting for 2 years. I started my company almost two years ago because I wanted to prove to Richmond that Dance can be ENTERTAINING! It only took 1 show to make believers.
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