Show Off

Madison Cubbage solo musical theatre age 9

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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 15
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#11 go far
you will go really far! your awesome!
#10 So Much Talent :)
Wow!!!!!!!!!! Not only is she so cute she is amazing. This little girl will go so far. So much talent. I hope she will keep on dancing.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! omg all i can say is that i am amazed that you aren't on broadway ALREADY. you are an amazing dancer........keep up the good work!!!!
#8 Cute
I love the costume too!
#7 Wow!
Wow...girl you've got all the potential in the world to go so much further in the dance world. You've got beautiful technique, energy, and a great dance personality. Girl you've got style to in your dance. Ah-mazing!

#6 WOW
girl your amazing...............just don't let all this praise get to your head
#5 cute cute cute!
This was a very nice performance, I'm glad I watched it. Stat in dance kid, you've got a bright future. :)
#4 uhhhh
wow this was fabulous you should go in to ballet because you would go strait to the top cause your turns are amazing
#3 wow!
How old is this little girl?? have you seen her turns... what an amazing dancer at such a young age :) her parents must be very proud.
#2 cutie!
that little girl got some style! her fourtes were amazing!!!! great job girl!!

#1 dance
GREAT DANCING!!!!!! I wish I could dance like that! :)
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