Heather Raue's Arabian

An excerpt from The Crooked Tree Dance Department's presentation of the Nutcracker. Heather Raue choreographed this version of the Arabian Pa. It is performed by Lisa Chippi and Benjamin Cheney. We are nominating Heather for teacher of the year. We thank her for all the inspiration and passion she has instilled in us.

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#1 cool choreography
The choreography is innovative.The girl's extensions are beautiful and the male is great at executing the lifts.One thing is really distracting:it is as though the tricks are more important than the lines they should be creating with the lines.When he lifts her, her feet are not fully pointed.He needs to learn to point his feet even while walking.Though I see much talent in the dancers and choreographer(s), the unpointed feet ruin this performance for me.It would be stunning with pointed feet.
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