AND WE WILL DANCE FILM PROJECT series # 4 weekly clip

During the filming of And We Will Dance I shot 12,000 stills. Here are just a few. The music by PEARLMERCHANT was written and performed by my good friend Michael Ramsey. Enjoy. Steve Childs AND WE WILL DANCE FILM PROJECT is about the stories of dancers, their art and their passion. It was born out of artist/director Steve Childs’ desire to put these stories on film but to go far beyond the boundaries of the sixty-eight minute final cut of the documentary And We Will Dance. “While working with my editors I soon realized that of the nearly seventy hours of footage we shot there were going to be so many more stories that could be told and so much more of the vision that we needed to share,” says Childs. Though the film And We Will Dance is completed the ongoing unveiling of these dancers’ lives and AWWD FILM PROJECT provides the avenue and template for these remaining clips to come to light. Childs continues, “Our plan is basically to release a new set of clips each week which build on the film. As far as I’m concerned this IS part of the film.” The new clips will range from one to ten minutes and will vary in style and purpose. Since the launch of AWWD FILM PROJECT in February, 2010 many of these “episodes” are being posted even before the official release of the DVD and will continue long after its initial release. By subscribing to the youtube channel “sffsironman” (official channel for the film and the AWWD FILM PROJECT) you will be notified with each new posting. There you can also watch trailers of the film. Please check out the website www.andwewilldance.com and the film’s Facebook page and Twitter at And We Will Dance for more news and information. AWWD FILM PROJECT will continue to explore other stories from the dance/art world and will share that news with you as it develops. The release date for the DVD will be announced in March, 2010. If you would like to be notified when the DVD becomes available please email sdchilds@gmail.com. Thanks and enjoy.

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