Jazz Improvisation - Kassandre Renee

a lil improvisation in the (messy) living room - effects of a starving artist; no studio space to use! ... find out more about Kassandre Renee @

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Overall rating: 4.6
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check out Kassandre Renee @
#7 good luck!
good luck boo! you are amazing!
#6 good luck!
you look great!!! thanks for sharing and good luck!!
#5 good luck!
good luck!
#4 good luck
good luck girly! you work so hard, you deserve to win!

#3 phenomenal!
you are a phenomenal dancer! you never fail to impress me! thank you so much for sharing! and good luck!
#2 beautiful!
i always love watching your videos! keep up the good work! ... and even though its dark, you can see the choreography and its beautiful!
#1 sorry
i know the footage isnt the best quality, im sorry for how dark it is, you use what you have, good resources are hard to come by these days... just try to dissect the movement... ~Kassandre Renee
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