Interlocking Pieces

Choreographed by Aaron McGloin, "Interlocking Pieces" utilizes extreme physicality and bold staging to express how human relationships are comparable to pieces of a puzzle. This eclectic piece looks at the unique roles we play in each relationship we encounter as we go about the "puzzling" nature of our everyday lives.

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 5
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#2 One of my favs
Dunno about the video, but in person I have seen this piece about 24652436237 times and I find this to be one of my favorites. Theres a lot going on and it all makes sense.
#1 Energy
I would love to have been in the room to witness this much energy in person. I am moving to NY this fall, but I would love to set a piece on this group of people... My Company in Richmond, VA is XF Company of Dance. check it out... I'm uploading more here soon, but the bulk of my last show is on youtube... My purpose is to spread love for dance... My choreography is geared towards mass entertainment.
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