Bobby McGee

Elise Pacicco soloist - Fancy Feet Dance Studio, Matthews NC. Choreographed by Ed Phelan

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Event: 2011 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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Keywords: Elise Pacicco Fancy Feet Ed Phelan Bobby McGee
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Overall rating: 3.9
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#14 Great work Elise
Love your dancing. You make it look so easy and like you're having so much fun!
#13 Bobby McGee
Great style and technique. Always a joy to watch you dance.
#12 Great Job
Beautiful lines and technique!!
#11 Bobby McGee
Nice job!!! 5.0 All The Way!!!! (Judges need to audit the scoring...currently 4.1....sounds way off!)
#10 captivating...
not only is the movement a joy to watch (you have great technique!) but your facial expressions are very captivating - you really do look as if you are just having so much fun, you suck the audience in... thank you for sharing! ~Kassandre Renee

#9 Elise
awesome dancer. You can tell that you love to dance!!
#8 Elise
You are such a joy to watch. The energy you have is just amazing and you use it like nobody else! I have always enjoyed watching you dance since you 3 years old.
#7 Elise
Great job!!
#6 ...
good luck!
#5 Splendid
Beautiful Performance

#4 Amazing
You are so amazingly talented. It is such a pleasure for me to watch you dance. :-)
#3 Elise
you can see the shear joy you get from dancing and it gives people shear joy to watch you
#2 Elise
Way to go girl. I saw your Elephants video too and you are such a versatile dancer! Keep dancing and entertaining!!
#1 Bobby McGee
Love to watch you dance. Great energy and technique!
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