Marisa Paull's Ballet Class

Watch clips of Marisa Paull's intermediate ballet class at the Peridance Capezio Center in New York City. Thoughts from Marisa: "We'll do our standing exercise we do every class. For a minute, suspend your actions. Let your brain take over and fill your body with thought, fill your body with imagination. Let that imagination go everywhere, and let that imagination have a breath--a natural cadence that feels right." "Point of this exercise? Rhythm. And what is rhythm really helping? Control. If you put yourself where you need to be, right in the time, and have a super solid fifth, you will always know where you are. If you know where you are, you can do anything." "If you're not careful, this starts to look like dancing! So don't be careful!" "If you want to do the unconventional, slightly more fun, little bit more risky version..." "Make it really simple, really precise, and have fun."

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#3 Wonderful class
Love Marisa's class. She's such a beautiful dancer and generous teacher; you can't help but be as inspired as she obviously is.
#2 Marisa Paull's Ballet Class
My 2 daughters have taken classes and privates with Marisa for years. They are tired but energized when they finish! We love Marisa-she is a great teacher, and the corrections, imagery, and movements she creates are inspiring. She is always positive, and can work well with a variety of students, even within one class. It is obvious from her years of training, beginning in childhood, that she knows exactly what to tell her dancers to do and why. Keep up the great work, Marisa-we love you!!!
#1 Inspiring
I've heard from students who've taken Marisa's classes that she is a creative Instructor. I wish the sound quality was better so we could hear some of how she provides the inspiration that her students so value her for.
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