Fieries- Labyrinth

From Studio A Dancer's production of the Labyrinth based on the David Bowie movie. The Fieries dance was choreographed by Stephanie Markunas, costumes by Melody Eggen.

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
Category: Performance
Keywords: studoa studio a labyrinth dancentre dancenter fireies dance modern cool dance
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Overall rating: 2.3
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#2 ???
umm..i dont rlly get it. Make sure you follow through all yr movements before going on to the next. if it suppose to be sharp make it as sharp as possible...interesting peice of music.
#1 i dont get it
i don't understand what going on like why are your heads coming off hahahaha someone tell me please awesome number though, girl in the dark pants and blue shirt you are amazing
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