Hotel Song - Bethany Rainbolt - Solo Routine

Self choreographed modern/contemporary solo. Choreographed and performed by Bethany Rainbolt. Age 18. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor.

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#10 OK
She say come into my bed i want to now you.
#9 Great Job!
I love the quirky style! So refreshing!!
#8 Lyrics
If you're talking about the part where she says "Come into my bed" listen a little closer because it's a trick. She says "Come into my bed, I want to show, show, show you, I have dreams of orca whales and owls". She's talking about the dreams she has. It's not a sexual thing. Not everything involving a bed is sex-driven.
#7 Lyrics...yikes
Please listen to the lyrics of songs before doing choreography...This is a very mature song
#6 Thanks!
Thank you!!!!!!

#5 Woo!
I guess Trent was impressed!
#4 fkjcdkjjk
#3 z
#2 _
#1 WERK!
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